World Press Photo

I've got two huge emails the other day with a total size of 25MB. What could be sent? Pictures. A friend of mine made my day sending me a few high-resolution photos.

One is the World Press Photo winner for 2002.

The picture in black and white was taken by Eric Gregorian in June 2002.
An earthquake struck Iran killing more than 500 people. The photo represents the funeral of one of the victims. The boy on the picture is his son who is clinging his father's trousers.

Check the official website of World Press Photo to see which are the winers of last year.


  1. Thanks to share the links. Those pictures are awesome, never thought (some of it) such simple event would be a great moment to be framed.

    Do you also have that interested just like your friend in photography?

  2. Hello *Sherilla* :)
    I left u a message in "Stress Control" a minute ago :)
    ttyl :)

    Who can say
    where the road goes
    where the day flows
    only time...
    - Enya -

  3. [nich],
    I'm interested in photography but I'm not a photographer. To me the photography is just another hobby and mean of art.

    Here I have uploaded for you the high-res Gregorian's winner photo (approx. 1MB); I hope you'll like it!

    Here is my answer... I'm sing :) You really set my mood to "Gooooood", lölinå,
    Thank you, thank you so much!