Spam::The 60's Style

Except for the font selected, there is something really sentimental in this spam image received earlier today. At least three hundred thousand people got it in their inboxes (I bet on this). Visuals like this will never leave the 60's to be forgotten. Taken alone, that sounds fair.

However, what always makes me confused when I get a spam letter are the totally nonsense words like "asdffgjd XlRVXVZUclJXQVhEVkdaUltWQEwfXUFT" in candid texts promising everlasting sexual excitement. "Asdffgjd XlRV..." sounds like a modern "Abracadabra", a magic spell against the evil lack of satisfaction.

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

If I should point out one thing that makes me happy, calm or cheerful then this will be a cat. Any cat. It might be a real street-fighter cat in front of me, a cute little home-cat on a picture or just the idea about a cat. However, some cats look better than others.

On the pictures above you see Gribo. To see him on a better and bigger image, just go to his owner's website and keep in mind that this cat in person is simply bewitching.

Meow Mix

Tell me that you love cats.

I do.

I do love cats and the new show on Animal Planet makes me totally focused on what's going on the version of the feline big brother. Basically, the show is purrfect for all of you who can adopt a cat. Do it. Love the little fluffy angel.

If the distance doesn't allow you to do so, then at least you can peep into their day by watching the webcams.

I will share a secret: I read my spam.

It started when I was working for an online casino company. Some 3 or so years later I still monitor my inbox for new approaches to my bank balance and I am always amused by the creativity people invest in their spam messages.

image spam

text spam
This month I have two favorites: the yellow iPod like panacea ad for health and sexual problems and the "huge overwhelmingly important letter".

While the viagra ad is relatively clear, the second letter is a total intellectual riddle featuring popular sayings and urban legends like: "If you're too open-minded, your brains will fall out." and "After dark all cats are leopards".

The list is approximately 50 aphorisms long, hidden in a cascade form with the "alt" tag. The image itself is a boring offer for stock shares (yuck!).


I applied for a job as a freelance researcher but I got a job offer for a position higher than that and at a full-time occupancy. I didn't want it. They didn't want me as a freelancer.

I did a tiny illustration on this while drinking Coke and thinking on the situation. Cases like this make me frustrated because basically I prefer to work as a freelancer or for my own projects rather than for some greasy cool boys. On the other hand the perspectives promised are quite good.

The Snail career option: My current job gives me a lot of communication with real people, some of them quite interesting (like any other crazy showbusiness crew). Though not well paid, it gives me freedom, imagination and cool contacts. No matter what we do, at the end of the day we are heros, losers or just someone in our own somehow geographically limited world.

The Lousy career option: The proposed position will give me financial security, good training, entry into a well known international company and eventually a good career. At the same time the communication with clients will be mainly online and on the phone, closed in an office (like any other sad freaked outsourcing junk).

I promised to think it over until Tuesday. I feel as nervous as bifurcated cacti...

A Puzzle to Desire

The legend says that this set includes six wooden puzzles:

  • Serpent Puzzle
  • Stellar Puzzle
  • Pharaoh’s Puzzle
  • Quantum Puzzle
  • Newton’s Cross Puzzle
  • Soma Cube Puzzle
I found it in online shop that ships to my local area, but the tricky problem was that they put just the image there and not the gadget details and pricing. It's such a lousy situation.

Let the music play

For those who were forced to visit piano lessons in the first years of their life, The Flea Waltz, (also known as Cat March) would sound familiar. Meaw meaw.

This night I got totally crazy and this let me directly to the midi keyboard. Here comes the result: listen and download the Flea Waltz in .wav (873 kb) or .mp3 (120 kb). Put it on your mobile phone, give it to your friends.

You could even try to play it, the score is right here:

Elephants Dream

Before you download the Elephants Dream maybe you'll be curios to know that actually it is an open movie. This means that you could download it for free and that it was made with open source graphics software.

Learn more about the project while you listen the soundtrack

More plants

NolinaOnce started you can not stop.

The plant craze today brought to my home a really tiny nolina but with the potential to become a huge one, just like the nolina on the photo.

Also… For a while I was wondering whether to take or not a benjamina and a hibiscus. Finally I made up my mind and now they’re getting accustomed to the climate at home.