Viable London

This holiday season I bought a dozen of books and I've got a few more as gifts. Now I have a pile of about 35 books which probably I will be reading till next Easter holidays. Viable gives a nice solution to the problem of where to put your books and save some space in a stylish way at the same time.


If you love cats but you have a rabbit, BunnyKitty is your keyword. Lovely, isn't it?

Fruity Ending of 2005.

Every now and then you should try something new. I decided to close the experiments of this year with some exotic fruits.

The sapodilla looks brown and unpretentious but it tastes sticky like persimmon mixed with fine cacao extract.

On the other hand the pitahaya immediately grabs your attention with amazing pink color topped with some kind of green offspings. It tastes more like kiwi.

Did you reward yourself with something for the end of 2005?

Your Greeting Is Served

There are a few reasons why I love this business. See some of them. "Happy Holidays!"

Mitsubishi Endeavor

Beyond the metal... you will find imagination.

The new Mitsubishi Endeavor ad steps out of the beaten track trademarked by all the motor-engine vehicles and gives you an origami world full of ingenuity.

See it (~4 Mb).

The Plushy Microbes Team

Love comes unexpectedly. You can even love a microbe especially when it is cuddle and sweet as the ThenkGeek microbes.

"Each 5-7 inch plush microbe comes with a instructional card that includes an actual picture of the microbe along with information about the microbe in its natural environment."

I especially like the blue Common Cold and the pink Pox.

See them all here
Or read more

JCB Song


If you like games where you should find things, use them and save the world or at least save your dog, probably you have already played the first version of Staromost the Game. The second is as good as its predecessor.

To play Staromost 1
To play Staromost 2
If you like these, do not miss to visit Amanita Design.


Alpia Pink ChocolateChocolate. I've tried to live without it.

Alpia Winterapfel-Vanille turned out to be pretty nice "Schocolade" with tender touch of cinnamon and vanilla hidden under the milk chocolate cover. The lovely pink wrapper, by which I was attracted so much that I risked buying the chocolate and even eating it, just comes as an extra.

A Wake Up Buzz

A flying alarm clockEvery morning we all have the problem of waking up on time. Ena Macana gives a pretty solution designing a flying alarm clock. It works amusingly strange: flying around and producing a sound similar to mosquito or a fly. To stop the clock, you should run around the room and try to catch it. So it turns out to be a waking up tool and a tonic for your morning gym.

However it is still up to you no to go back to bed for a nap after catching it.

Post It

Postcard image"Christmas" is a nice chance to get material and at least once to skip the email.

The craze of the season will be the fancy card-gifts. Again.

I spent part of the day grubbing tons of Christmas cards until I found a few good ones, or at least perfect for the ones who're going to receive them: Perleberg and Nouvelles Images.

P.S. I know someone who will receive more than one postcard because he is having a birthday...

HSBC - the potential of difference

Stix and Stonz

Stix and Stonz imageI was browsing the Google store, when I found the Stix and Stonz game. I have such a game but I've never known its name.

Consisting of metal balls and strong magnets dressed up in colored plastics this game is in my top 20 ideas of how to waste my time.

By the way, the colors of mine are much prettier.

It's been a while...

A lot of things happened since my last post here.
# First of all, I graduated
# Second, I quit job, again
# Third, I'm starting a projects of my own
# Fourth, from now on I promise to blog more often
So, welcome back to all of you who read me from time to time!


Update: Did Blogger change? Something around it does not make me feel happy.
Update #2: A simple and not so obvious solution was found. I am happy again.