Font’eek ! I'm busy...

Please, look at the samples on your left and tell me which you like most.

We should select a font and clear the arguments using the Cap-letters. What will be written is having the letters w, m, e, a, d, t, n, u, r, i.

NB: "wantdrumie" has no specific meaning but it was just the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the letters that we should use.

Dress Up

Why you should know the is an online place to buy kinky T-shirts or to submit your t-shirt design. Then the registered visitors will vote or comment them and the designs which collected most votes will be produced.

For more designs visit the website

Can You See Me?

An estimated 95 percent of all commercial e-mail messages are sent in HTML or in a multipart (combined HTML and text) format. Most e-mail includes at least a single external image, even if it's the open-tracking image, a clear, one-pixel GIF image used to track whether an e-mail has been opened.

The primary reasons behind image-blocking features are to enable users to prohibit pornographic images from loading and to prevent spammers from knowing if users open their messages. Gmail, for example, states: "Gmail disables images sent to you to protect you from unknown senders, like spammers, who use images and links to verify that your email address is real."

Image Blocking by Major ISPs & E-mail Clients
Blocking IssueAOL
2000/ XP
w/o SP2
External images are blocked by defaultYesYesNoNoNoYesYesNo
User controls image-blocking settingsYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
User clicks link to enable message's imagesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesN/A
Images enabled if sender is in user's address book/buddy listYesNoYesNoYesYesYesYes
Images autoenabled if sender is on ISP whitelistYesN/AYesNoN/AN/AN/AN/A
Alt tags displayed when images disabledNoYesNoNoNoNoNoN/A
Preview window featured includedNoNoNoNoYesYesYesYes
Note: SP2 = Service Pack 2 upgrade for Windows XP
Source: EmailLabs, 2004

The Russian Cinema

Nochnoj dozor (ru: Ночной дозор , en: Night Watch or Night Patrol) is a movie everybody around me is talking about for some time. Based on the novel written by the Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko (who also wrote the screenplay) it tells the story of the fight between the powers of the Dark and the Light.

The movie takes you almost directly to modern Moscow, Russia. The vampires have licenses, the powers of the light are a little lax, some of the normal people believe in the supernatural (or boil sausages on the tubes in the power plant while taking their shifts there). You'll see the typical Russian style and sets all the time. That's exactly what's making the film different from all other vampire movies I've seen lately.

Visit the official site of the movie Night Watch on
To learn more about one of the youngest and most prominent Russian authors, go here. (in English)
Follow this link to read some of his stories. (in English)
To discuss his novels or learn about the filming of the next two parts of the Night Watch, visit his forum.
(in Russian)
• The movie was a total blockbuster in Russia and it is the most expensive film ever made there (~5m USD).
• The next movie will be based on Lukyanenko’s novel Day Patrol. It’s in post-production stage and will be across cinemas in 2005.
• Lukyanenko himself is going to appear in the second and third part of the trilogy as the Mag Ruslan.
• Nochnoj Dozor was first filmed as TVseries (4x52) in 2003.
• A special font called Zhekovskoi Gothic was created for this movie by the Russian design studio Letterhead. You can see the font info on the official movie site too.
• As the movie site is in Russian, here are direct links to the:
movie shots | special effects gallery | actors gallery | filming gallery
• Five teaser-trailers were released for Nochnoi Dozor. Follow the links to download and watch them (keep in mind that they're nothing special):
teaser #1, | teaser #2, | teaser #3, | teaser #4, | teaser #5

office space

A colleague is having Siemens SX1 and today while he was on a meeting with our boss he left me playing with his phone. No doubt that this telephone was not meant to be a camera. Anyway, I was bored so I took some pictures of the surroundings.

Here you see about 87 empty folders (because I’m too lazy to print the info that I keep in carefully backed up digital files).
You see my coffee mug (don’t trust your eyes, I drink Lipton only when the coffee box is empty).
And you see some pins used for paper inquisitions on the cork board.

Animals on the Underground

Every day some of us travel kilometers underground. Why don't we use our imagination while staring at the map? So did Paul Middlewick some 15 years ago, using tube lines, stations and junctions he started spotting animals on the underground. Later many other creatures in different form, size or colors followed the Elephant.

Visit the site to download wallpapers or to order t-shirts and mouse pads.

World Press Photo

I've got two huge emails the other day with a total size of 25MB. What could be sent? Pictures. A friend of mine made my day sending me a few high-resolution photos.

One is the World Press Photo winner for 2002.

The picture in black and white was taken by Eric Gregorian in June 2002.
An earthquake struck Iran killing more than 500 people. The photo represents the funeral of one of the victims. The boy on the picture is his son who is clinging his father's trousers.

Check the official website of World Press Photo to see which are the winers of last year.


Un long dimanche de fianςailles (English title: A Very Long Engagement) soon will be across Europe.
Starring Audrey Tautou (the delicate girl from "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain", L'Auberge espagnole and Dirty Pretty Things) the movie is going to tell you the story of a woman (Tautou) who recieves a note that her fiance probably has died. Following her heart she refuses to believe and here starts her journey to find out the fate of her lover.
The director Jean-Pierre Jeunet is also well known with the cult titles Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain, Alien: Resurrection or Delicatessen.
Look for it after October, 27th.


They've been talking about this for some time

"The New York Post is reporting that 'Based on the half-dozen hires in recent weeks, Google appears to be planning to launch its own Web browser and other software products to challenge Microsoft.' I took a guess and did a whois search for and indeed Google Inc. is listed as the registrar."


an online bookmark

The Tomatoes at Joey's is a weekly published website for adhoc ads.
Shorts stats:
files: over 200
total size: about 1 GB
date: latest
to download: no download link, try to search for *.mov in the source
downbeat: the server doesn't support "Resume"

Pitch Black Dew

with a blast of black grape

OK, I should be honest to confess that I've never tasted the Pitch Black Dew but the game is quite scary.
Go to third level of the hounded house and PLAY!
Put the volume to the max. and run as soon as you can, cos this freak is right behind you!
Enjoy, honestly..:)

Stress Control?

I spent the Sunday sleeping till midday and then I went with some friends to a ski resort about one hour drive from here. Staying in a ski resort at this time of the year is nothing special except of the fruit salad that i got in one of the local pastries.

Anyway, I'm quite happy with the time I spent there because lately the stress is getting too much and I don't know how to control my temper, emotions and most of all: how to organize the communication between my new and my old boss (as I'm having two at the moment). This took me to a few online resources on how to beat the stress.

If you think that you're having a problem, these are your places:
7 ways to beat stress or 10 steps for stress control.
Giving advises for positive attitude and healthy life they’re obviously not invented for people with a rhythm of life like mine...


Listed on Blogwise

wilsdomain Weblogs (blogs) & Web site directory
I added a link to these sites a few minutes ago and I wonder what would be the results... Do people browse around the blogs for purposes far from the single check in-check out on the pages?


I bet this website will impress you if you're a fan of the interactive retro style.

Go to

Google Labs Aptitude Test

Ever wondered how to solve the cryptic equation:


Here is the answer

The test

1. Are you pretty?
yes - 1 point
no - 0 points
2. Are you smart?
yes - 1 point
no - 0 points
2 points - You are smart and pretty
1 point - You are either smart or pretty
0 points - You're a stupid freak

I'm A Purple Tiger

Take this test
  • You are kind and generous to everyone around you.
  • You are rather optimistic, but may experience unsettlement by physical effect.
  • You are good at taking care of the others and can be friend with anybody.
  • Your relationship tends to be associating closely with small number of people, and that number increases eventually.
  • The way you express things may be too flashy and exaggerated.
  • You tend to have too self-conscious side.
  • But you are a hard working person who act and move in your own pace surely and consistently.
  • Your observation and ways of thinking is calm and objective.
  • You don't get influenced by emotions and atmosphere.
  • You are calculative enough to measure the distance between yourself and the other person.
  • You also possess your own ideal world, and trying to accomplish it too hastily may lead to misunderstandings.
  • Nevertheless, the way you pursue your potentiality gives a favorable impression to others.
  • Once married, you will show great motherly feelings.
  • You will create a living style that takes in account your personal interests

Another Blog

Michelle has made quite nice place collecting links which draw attention.

What's your name?

On this blog people are collecting weird funny and strange names.

I started wondering what are the real names of the people who are visiting my blog?

So, would you tell me your name, please? :) Please please please

working online

Keeping in mind the fact that tomorrow is Friday which (to me) means finalizing the weekly reports, sending out weekly promotion, checking out the stats and soooo many other quite dull activities:
I assure you that this wallpaper will shine on my desktops (under all other opened applications):

Other people with similar problems who I found while surfing today:

WorkingNob is having problems at work. Spyware, boring office rules and all kinds of contemporary urban disasters. Everyone of us has experienced this in one moment or another (don't giggle, i see you, if you're undergraduate, soon or later you will too::))

Another stuck by the system rules is botheration. Take time to read Michelle's shared thoughts on the celebrities, the screenwriting and the office conspiracy. Apply if you look for new office-mate! ,)

+ Don't forget to check's FOF's blog; learn what is EOTMD and how to live portably. ,) Yep, quite amusing blod, indeed.


Looking at the Peugeot 1007 makes me scream with joy. I know that the car is too small, but that makes it cute.
I’m in favour of the Cayman Green or the Salamanea Orange. Choose your Body Color and Caméléo Kit here.

Diarios de ella y de él

A true story

Diario de ella

El sábado por la noche lo encontré raro. Habíamos quedado en encontrarnos en un bar para tomar una copa.

Estuve toda la tarde de compras con unas amigas y pensé que era culpa mía porque llegué con un poco de retraso a mi cita, pero él no hizo ningún comentario.

La conversación no era muy animada, así que le propuse ir a un lugar más íntimo para poder charlar más tranquilamente.

Fuimos a un restaurante y él se seguía portando de forma extraña. Estaba como ausente. Intenté que se animara, y empecé a pensar si sería por culpa mía o por cualquier otra cosa.

Le pregunté y me dijo que no tenía que ver conmigo. Pero no me quedé muy convencida.

En el camino para casa, en el coche, le dije que lo quería mucho y él se limitó a pasarme el brazo por los hombros, sin contestarme.

No sé cómo explicar su actitud, porque no me dijo que él también me quería, no dijo nada y yo estaba cada vez más preocupada.

Llegamos por fin a casa y en ese momento pensé que quería dejarme. Por eso intenté hacerle hablar, pero encendió la tele y se puso a mirarla con aire distante, como haciéndome ver que todo había terminado entre nosotros.

Por fin desistí y le dije que me iba a la cama. Más o menos diez minutos más tarde, él vino también y, para mi sorpresa, correspondió a mis caricias e hicimos el amor.

Pero seguía teniendo un aire distraído.

Después quise afrontar la situación, hablar con él cuanto antes, pero se quedó dormido.

Empecé a llorar y lloré hasta quedarme adormecida.

Ya no sé qué hacer. Estoy casi segura de que sus pensamientos están con otra. Mi vida es un auténtico desastre.

Diario de él

El Madrid perdió. Al menos eché un polvo.

Looking forward to more on whatisthefloss

Hidden, Organic

This was the first link revieved this morning. In the very begining i was far too sleepy to see that there is a frog on it.

See more images on the Photography Blog.

Stating Online in August'04

Nielsen//NetRatings examined how long U.S. Internet users were staying during August 2004. While there were far fewer at-work users than there were at home, the working Internet population spent more time online and surfing. Both the at-home and at-work populations stepped up their Internet time and activity since July, with the small exception of at-work users shaving 1 second off the amount of time they spent viewing a Web page.

C’mon! People are taking mojitos in August, they go beaching, playing underwater *multiplayer* games and where the hack this world is going when people who stayed at home and work in August turn out to be more than the ones for June or July?

Average Web Usage, U.S., August 2004
Number of Sessions/Visits Per Person3267
Number of Domains Visited Per Person54104
PC Time Per Person27:05:2278:22:36
Duration of a Web Page Viewed00:00:5400:01:02
Active Digital Media Universe137,038,07251,816,298
Current Digital Media Universe Estimate201,661,15956,297,182
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Do you remember August’04? Where did you spend it? Was it online?


Prepare for exclamations: O-Eye

Mi drama es que está escrito en ?*#,..

Creative Media Solutions

To all brothers in arms, medias, search engines, optimizations, marketing, publishing, advertising, CPA, CPC, P2P, F2F, FCK...etc. Print this out and put it on a well visible place (in the office, the front door, the bathroom, the coffee machine, your lover's back...). This is the most important guideline in our current work.Creative Media Solutions

The Bunnies Theatre

The guys from Angry Alien Productions are working hard to cover all famous movies. Up to now you can see Jaws, Alien, Titanic, The Shining (selected for official competition in the Ottawa International Animation Festival) and The Exorcist (which won a Silver Public Prize for Best Short Film at the Fantasia Film Festival)
Now click play and enjoy the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre

Subway for Dummies

If you happen to go to Prague, London, Rome or NewYork, first read these guidelines by RomanWanderer on what to expect to see when you go under. It’s a fresh report on the nice stinky dark side of the pubic transport and definitely you’ll enjoy it.


Read Caitlin's stories about Chile. I had great time reading them. I've never been to Chile, but I'm absolutely sure that I'd like to go there some day (just to check the avocados on the bus;)


While surfing on the blogs around I found Michael's Some People... which gave me food for a short thinking: Today a colleague (and a friend of mine) told me that he and his gay-friend are going to get married the next year in Germany. His boyfriend is German but he lives and works here. In Bulgaria the homosexual marriages, as well as lots of other things are not defined at all, so that's why they chose Germany and probably after the ceremony they'll stay to live there... It’s a pity when people relocate because if such legislative reasons.


My antisocial impulses not to go out or talk to anybody took me to the Mystery Of Time And Space while listening to FFM-Radio.
Sometimes staying home is just perfect.


Click to watch the new video of the band; called "(Reach Up for the) Sunrise" it's a nice piece of music.
* This video was accidentally found while humbling DuranDuran’s Out Of My Mind.

The Artistic Rat

MSNBC - The Real Price of a Big Mac tells the story of an artist who ran an unusual McD experiment and eventually won the world fame on Sundance.

N/D-it [ en`di:t ]

Napoleon Dynamite/
4. Trailer
2. Iron-On
1. ::))

Piled Higher And Deeper

Soon we'll discover that the line between lazy and crazy is often blurred...

Great comics, indeed!

Population Explosion

Population Explosion report by ClickZ
There are countless sources for the number of Internet users in any given country. ClickZ Stats tries to maintain an updated list of the latest statistics on Internet users we've seen for countries around the world. Often, there are widely differing counts. We do our best to check on the accuracy of counts by comparing them to regional growth patterns and other projections.


I'm getting an error message when I try to publish my blog.
004 Login incorrect.
This happened after I unsuccessfully tried to switch to FTP and then returned to the free hosting here.
Something makes me believe that I won't get any help with this because even if someone reads this, she/he will not even comment it, but I need to share it anyway.


This summer was SPORT. First the Euro2004 Football Chanpionship, later the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens and me playing shuttlecock in-between these world events.

I found this on the net, and old flash movie, but I still find it amusing because my work with the promotional results after the Olympics is not over...}


For more, go to


Three filmmakers are doing insane things but this doesn't mean bad things. Working with Siddharta, a Slovenian band, they released two videos which are worth seing and can be downloaded from their website
Play these files now; watch and listen!..

Domain Anybody?

UK2 offer "10-100 domains for £0.01". The registered names will end with .com,, .net, .org, .biz, .info,,, or I thought that this is quite cheap, though even I don't remember how much I paid for ones I bought earlier year.

Wit Animation

Wit Animation is an animation studio with quite an interesting portfolio. If you watched Shrek 2 probably you're still in the mood of Counting Crows' Accidentally in Love but did you know that Wit Animations are involved in this project?
Check out their website to see more .mov's of some of their works.

Metrosexual Test

I know at least two, three... males who'll get at least 80% on the Metrosexual Test. Unfortunately "This test is ONLY FOR THE GUYS. Sorry, there is no such thing as a metrosexual woman."; that's why I took another test in order to calm down my growing discontent with the boys around me:

I am one of those people that love to hear the sound of their voice. That and my lousy attitude make for a mixture as toxic next-day-mexican-dinner-ass-drip.

Fine. Now I know what I am. I feel apathetic.


How can you get very far,
If you don't know Who You Are?
How can you do what you ought,
If you don't know What You've Got?
And if you don't know Which To Do
Of all the things in front of you,
Then what you'll have when you are through
Is just a mess without a clue
Of all the best that can come true
If you know What and Which and Who.

i've just found it on my D:\DownloadiMIX
so i decided to publish it before sending it to the Recycle...

Blog de Magda

Paseaba por la red cuando encontré el Blog de Magda. Es un lugar maravilloso con muchas cosas que te dan un placer de leer.
Estoy segura que siempre cuando tengo tiempo iré por allí.

Bmwfilms : Detail

HostageBMW Films

Hostage is winner of the Los Angeles Internationail Short Film Festival [ Best Action Short ]

no ghost :: just [spider]web

Web Story.
(It's in Bulgarian)
I can't help you if you can't read Bulgarian..:)


BIKINI BOUNCE (the game on the left) is really really addictive. I just can't help with it...
Thanks to {PICER}

Welcome to Gmail

The previous post was provoked by my recent GMail first encounters.

Send me an email. It will make me happy. All emails are welcome (including the ones with big attachments and spam-letters :). I want to try all functions of this Gmail.

By the way, do you know anybody who is using her/his Gmail account for communication? I don’t know lots of people having Gmail account, but most of them are saying that they’re going to use it as storage for big files, pictures, etc and when talking about communication with friends, they’ll stick to their current emails. Which doesn’t make big sense for Google...or it does?

Welcome to the Piggy Palace

I tried a search in Google with "piggy" as keyword. Welcome to the Piggy Palace was the very first result.
Seitapirtti was a quiet and thoughtful guinea pig with a strong sense of dignity. amazed me.
Googlize (as usual)

San Miguel

San Miguel: juegos gratis, free chat rooms, instant messenger, musica, videoclips:

San Miguel is redesigned. I haven't passed by for months and now I see it in completely new light.

[ Ser, sé que no te mola esta cerveza, pero algun día vendré a España solamente para probarla. La publicidad online funciona, sabes ,) ]

Dunno why, I had problems opening this with Mozilla (1.7.2.)

Now I'll try to log in the San Miguel City website. To check how's my virtual home (if I still remember the username and passwd)...



Next year I'll be there...)

Successful Living Guides

The Successful Living Guides by DIESEL is probably the freshest thing for this Autumn campaigns. Worth seeing!


And I'm looking forward any comment on this.

Most friends are tying to convince me that nobody is paying attention to the banners but I still insist that there are banners and technologies that just can't be missed no matter how many pop-up blockers and anti-advertising tricks the users are installing.