Life As I Dream It

I need to be a cat, sleep quietly at the sun, doing nothing, not answering email messages and not picking the phone, even if the bell rings twice, I won't leave my sunny Sunday bed.

Bunny like no other


This one comes for ][ (Hello you, I hope you had great time in Frankfurt!) because he is one of those people who love the brand Wachovia.

Via Ed

Meet My New Friend

Say Hello to HP, my new friend. It's on its way to rock the party, the projects and whatever else is left to be shaken. What will happen now to the fabulous cute and lovely ultra-light Fujitsu-Siemens? I'm selling it, looking for better home for it. It will be missed (especially when I compare its 1.8 kg to the 2.8 kg HP!).

Spider Pig (reality format)

It happened on Halloween. I had bunny ears and scut and P. had my domino and the leather lash and V. decided to be dresses like developer but we all know what this means so he had to wear at least a paper mask of a cat. There was also a girl in fancy leopard costume. Mmmmmrrr!