Stress Control?

I spent the Sunday sleeping till midday and then I went with some friends to a ski resort about one hour drive from here. Staying in a ski resort at this time of the year is nothing special except of the fruit salad that i got in one of the local pastries.

Anyway, I'm quite happy with the time I spent there because lately the stress is getting too much and I don't know how to control my temper, emotions and most of all: how to organize the communication between my new and my old boss (as I'm having two at the moment). This took me to a few online resources on how to beat the stress.

If you think that you're having a problem, these are your places:
7 ways to beat stress or 10 steps for stress control.
Giving advises for positive attitude and healthy life they’re obviously not invented for people with a rhythm of life like mine...


  1. Hello *Sherilla* :)
    how r u today :) It's very nice of u to pop by, thanks!

    i read about ur Sunday trip - sounded like fun! it's a good way to relax after a stressful week :P I cannot live without my weekends :D :D :D but as I said in my reply to u in my blog, usually I go overboard and get sick (just a little, not too too much huh :D) on Mondays, sometimes Tuesdays too :P

    i like the links & pictures on ur blog - some r very useful, others r funny :D

    cya :)

  2. my days are such a mess lately. I was seriously thinking for a shrink the other day.. the online stress out readings don’t help at all ::))

    tell me that with you everything is fine

  3. Hello *Sherilla* :)
    aw... I just hope it's something temporary that will go away soon... Trust me, I've often been stressed in my life, especially regarding studies & work :P but there are some lil ways that work well at making me feel better :P

    Usually when I feel stressed, I choose to sleep a lot even when I don't want to sleep, oftentimes it makes me feel better afterwards, kinda sets my mind to rest & when I wake up, I begin to see things from a lighter perspective. I also drink lotsa chamomile tea, it's very relaxing... (& I've read somewhere that chamomile helps promote sleep :P) this may take several days though before this sleeping therapy takes effect :P

    Sometimes I give in to all the not-so-good things & activities which make me rrrrreally HAPPY, such as binging on chocolate, play computer games non-stop :P, listening to music all-day instead of working/studying, chat with my friends for hours, tell them my problems & cry if needs be :P, go to the shopping-mall (even if I don't buy anything, nice to waste time :P) - usually after 1-2 weeks of "bad" habits, I feel better & start on my good hardworking habits yet again :) it's a way to let go of my frustrations & emotions (that's my secret :P bad huh!)

    And oh very IMPORTANT, I spend some time ALONE, just to see what's within my mind & soul, and not let outside influences splash me with more problems. :P

    Anyway, I wanted to tell u how glad I am that our paths met - that we could share thoughts, ideas, dreams, smiles, laughter, & the not-so pleasant aspects of life too. I'm always so happy when u visit & post ur wise comments, makes me smile all day, it's TRUE! - thank you always :)

    That's for u, hoping all will be ok very soon:
    And if the night runs over
    And if the day won't last
    And if your way should falter
    Along this stony pass
    It's just a moment
    This time will pass
    - U2 -

  4. lölinå, thank you for all warm words and emotional support. inded, you’re right, I need some vacation, some sleep and lots of chocolate.
    unfortunately the high season at the office started and often I feel that I oven don’t have time for a smile...
    in moments like this I put on Republica’s Out of the Darkness thinking that it seems like this song was made for people like me... nah :)
    I hope moments like this in out life to disappear as soon as possible, I need a magic wand ;)

    the song is good though, hear me singing, I rock!

    Get up, Alarm clock, Lip gloss, what a shock
    Get dressed, front door, more stress what for?
    Trapped in your world
    You know you're trappped in your world
    Lunch hour, fast food, telephone, more abuse
    V.U. headache, cigarettes, coffee break
    Trapped in your world
    You know you're trappped in your world
    (Come out of the darkness)
    Come out of the darkness, over the tower blocks
    Into the light
    Go into the rush hour, out of the factory
    Leave it behind
    Turn on your TV., back to suburbia, every night
    Come out of the darkness, over the offices, into the light
    (Come out of the darkness)
    Leave work, happy hour, too drunk by far
    bus full, waterloo, fall asleep on the tube
    Trapped in your world
    You know you're trappped in your world
    Vodka, lemonade, ashtrays, what a shame
    Poor cow, sits alone, pubs close, go home
    Trapped in your world
    You know you're trappped in your world
    (Come out of the darkness)

  5. lol! yeah! I heard u sing all the way! u do rock! THANKS for the many smileSSSS :) :) :) :) :)

    Indeed this song sometimes makes us feel like we are not alone in our troubles, and that if others went thru it & felt better afterwards, then what's gonna prevent us from getting better too :) in a sense, life is a circle, a process of ups/downs, a rollercoaster!!!!!!!

    btw, I love love love rollercoasters! (the ones at Theme Parks!) I'm still a kid, A BIG KID!!!!!!!!! :P :b :P