Alternative transport

Last night after the live show I was hanging around the studio, waiting the team to collect their items. I was thinking how would it be if we use the cameras as alternative mean of transport. (For sure) it depends on the wheels and the weather condition but I still find it funny what will happen if we do this. A kind of Segway but with eye and memory. A lot of people get upset when they see someone with a camera. At least, it's eco-transport.

What would I record? Traffic jams. Park. Dogs walking. People crossing. Shops opening. A minister of something going to work. Pink benches. Officers eating sandwiches. Taxis. Good morning. The time is 9 am.

Lama Wool

I've got a pair of funny stockings made of lama wool. For sure I will never put them on my feet. Neither I'm going to hang them on the wall as decoration. However the other day we had fun playing with them in a pub.

Breathtaking. Honestly.

The MirrormaskLinks you should visit:

+ The movie trailer

+ Dave McKean on

+ McKean's art

+ Neil Gaiman's official website

+ Gaiman's journal

+ Much more about The Mirrormask

I still omit a lot of other places like...

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When a day ago a friend told me about The Mirrormask, I had a look at the trailer and I thought "Where the hell have I been lately that I haven't seen it?". So on the very next day the movie was loading into my DVD player. When I finished it it was hard to find the right adjectives to describe my excitement. And then... it turned out that most of my friends have already seen it loooong ago. Nah.

Better late than later.

Probably because I will repeat a lot of fascinating comments on it I will recapitulate with this: The Mirrormask is the most beautiful movie I have seen for the last few years.

And I will watch it again. Right now.
The Mirrormask


CoverOne winter night at half past nine,
Cold, tired, and cross, and muddy,
I had come home, too late to dine,
And supper, with cigars and wine,
Was waiting in the study.

Lewis Carroll, Phantasmagoria, Canto I, The Trystyng

For the last two days my small universe is suffering a kind of brutal collapse. Here came The Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll by Wordsworth Editions. 1160 pages full of tiny ideas should take me somewhere far far from reality. I entered this bookstore and I couldn’t leave the book there. So I paid it and I took it with me. The question for now is will I be tricky enough to steal some time for it?

Which is your favourite Lewis Carroll's story?


There is something extremely upsetting with the birthdays especially when you're the one who has them. At the end of the day you realize that one year actually means much more than you can imagine...

But of course the main reason for the birthdays are the gifts. This year I got:
+ quite stylish TCM desk-lamp
+ Twister game
+ a singing rabbit
+ Taschen's book
+ a few candlesticks
+ more books
+ a pair of funny stockings made of lama wool
+ flowers (of course)
+ too much alcohol

Almost one week later I can recapitulate that all these were very cool.

Dolci Preziosi

I entered a sweets shop for some sugar candies but I went out with a chocolate egg in my hands. The egg was covered with the Cartoon Network logo and I couldn't resist the temptation to have it and see what's inside. Awesome! Now I have a tiny figure of Dexter (Dexter's Lab) and I have the optimistic plans to collect all the toys.

If you love the Cartoon Network's shows, don't miss the Dolci Preziosi's eggs.

Æon Flux

It’s nice to have a TV in the office. I just found out that MTV are showing the old series of Aeon Flux.

I don’t talk about the one with the lousy vision of sugary Charlize Theron (blah!). I mean the REAL Aeon Flux, dating back to 1995-1996.

Full respect to Peter Chung and the whole team who worked on these animation series 10 years ago.
Quick links:
Other popular by Peter Chung


Someone asked me these days "Do you play Lego?". My answer was "No, because I have never had Lego, but I still find it amusing."

A day later I was wondering how much would it cost me to start collecting the colour-blocks.

As often happens one thing leads to another and so, I found the Lego Suicides and a few noir pictures on the the Brickshelf.

Definitely much better than a PS or Xbox.

Human Ping-Pong

Maybe you know that parkour is a kind if urban run.

A few Russian boys called Dvinks Clan (Oleg, Joy and Nort) are doing this. Watch ~8 minutes full of dynamic and out-of-space movements.

After seeing the video you'll yearn to be one of them and to do the jumps they can do. Well, at least I wanted to be...