I wonder when i will get fed up with this blog.

Please place your bets now.

The winner will get... a few personal things.

Logo Trends 2005

Better late than never, I found a good article on the design trends in the logotype, published on Gdusa and LogoLounge.

The word “trend” seems to raise the little hairs on the back of some designers’ necks. Everybody wants to be a you-know-what-setter; no one wants to acknowledge the aftermath. But as we march toward LogoLounge.com’s fifth anniversary, we’ve discovered that trends have become something impossible — and maybe unwise — to ignore.

Read the whole article here.


Later today is my mid-year evaluation at the company I am currently working for. The truth is that I eager for changes, as I really don’t feel like being born for pm-ing, especially in the area I got into. No matter what they are going to tell me as a feedback, I should confess that I learnt a lot there (well, still here) and I am thankful to each team-member.

Make a click to approach the den where I was digging for the last 7 months.

It's nice to be far far away

I spent the last few days on the beach traveling from one bay to another, collecting seaweed, shells and good mood. It was exactly what I needed. Now my skin is lovely pink and it hurts a little as if many tiny pins are growing in it. Anyway, it's worth.

What I did (shortlist of a lovely adventure):
I should enjoy life more often, work less and live longer.


Gapingvoid is one of the frequently visited places on the net by me and the image below explains exactly what I am thinking lately (the last 6+ months actually).
Funny why I haven’t mentioned that before.

That's the Buzzz

Well, guess what I'm doing for the last half an hour. I bet that if you check what time is it now, after 30 minutes I will find You on the same page and You just like me, will be still playing. :)

The guilty for this obsession is Mucho, and on his website you will find other kinky things.

*To make this game Mucho was inspired by Ferry Halim and the Bauns


If you don't know what is Kraftwerk, follow this link.

Being the ones who gave way to all modern techno, ambient and house and about 35 years after their first album, Kraftwerk's music still rides the charts.

I was skeptic about the concerts last night, as I still find their music too industrial for my poppy ears. Anyway, all my agnostic thoughts disappeared with the lifting of the curtains. It is cool to watch 4 men dressed in formal black suits playing music against a background of constantly moving pictures. Respect.

On the Net Kraftwerk can be found on Kraftwerk.com and Kling Klang.

Now I'll puzzle you*

Have you wondered how exactly the puzzles are made? Probably you have a few versions on this but here is an easy solution of this problem found on a random search on the net.

Going directly to http://www.flash-gear.com, you can build your very own and unique puzzle selecting picture and number of pieces. * The picture, a set of stamps (year 1998), was taken from the philately section of the Posts' website.

Feel like Nemo

Keeping in touch with the coming summer I equipped my kitchen hygiene set with an aquarium soap.

Palmolive Aquarium is glycerin antibacterial piece for slippery balloons.

Now is the time to say:
I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine... And he shall be my squishy!
Quoted Dory (Finding Nemo the Movie)

Also check the Pixar website if you haven't been there lately.


Patience: file size to load ~500kb
Attention: sound on
Curiosity: I am searching for more animations created by Xjtuchaoxin

Chinchillas Unlimited :-)

Today I was on the Lovemarks website after receiving a notification that someone posted a comment on one of my nominated as a lovemark brands.

While browsing what new the Saatchi&Saatchi website offers I found a cute nomination called Chinchillas Unlimited.

The website is a forum based community where people share everything you can think of (focused on the Chinchilla, of course). If you wish to own a chinchilla and you have a lot of questions, I believe you will love the Chinchilla Unlimited website.

The Havaianas

The summer is coming. Start thinking on your 2005-vacation fashion line with Havaianas.

They need home

If you live around and you would like to have a kitten or three kittens (which actually is better:), please drop me a line and soon you could hug Azazel, Benoa and Kosio (pictured below).

Azazel + Benoa