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Nochnoj dozor (ru: Ночной дозор , en: Night Watch or Night Patrol) is a movie everybody around me is talking about for some time. Based on the novel written by the Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko (who also wrote the screenplay) it tells the story of the fight between the powers of the Dark and the Light.

The movie takes you almost directly to modern Moscow, Russia. The vampires have licenses, the powers of the light are a little lax, some of the normal people believe in the supernatural (or boil sausages on the tubes in the power plant while taking their shifts there). You'll see the typical Russian style and sets all the time. That's exactly what's making the film different from all other vampire movies I've seen lately.

Visit the official site of the movie Night Watch on
To learn more about one of the youngest and most prominent Russian authors, go here. (in English)
Follow this link to read some of his stories. (in English)
To discuss his novels or learn about the filming of the next two parts of the Night Watch, visit his forum.
(in Russian)
• The movie was a total blockbuster in Russia and it is the most expensive film ever made there (~5m USD).
• The next movie will be based on Lukyanenko’s novel Day Patrol. It’s in post-production stage and will be across cinemas in 2005.
• Lukyanenko himself is going to appear in the second and third part of the trilogy as the Mag Ruslan.
• Nochnoj Dozor was first filmed as TVseries (4x52) in 2003.
• A special font called Zhekovskoi Gothic was created for this movie by the Russian design studio Letterhead. You can see the font info on the official movie site too.
• As the movie site is in Russian, here are direct links to the:
movie shots | special effects gallery | actors gallery | filming gallery
• Five teaser-trailers were released for Nochnoi Dozor. Follow the links to download and watch them (keep in mind that they're nothing special):
teaser #1, | teaser #2, | teaser #3, | teaser #4, | teaser #5


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