“Si alguna vez ocurre que no puedo decirte Buenos dias cada mañana…”

Sex In The Dark

There was this couple that had been married for 20 years.
Every time they made love the husband always insisted on shutting off the
Well, after 20 years the wife felt this was ridiculous.
She figured she would break him out of this crazy habit.
So one night, while they were in the middle of a wild, screaming, romantic
session, she turned on the lights.
She looked down.. and saw her husband was holding a battery-operated
pleasure device... a vibrator!
Soft, wonderful and larger than a real one.
She went completely ballistic.
You impotent bastard,"She screamed at him, "How could you be lying to me
all of these years? You better explain yourself!"
The husband looks her straight in the eyes and says calmly: "I'll explain
the toy . . . you explain the kids."


Like most great ideas, Astrojax actually seems surprisingly simple: Three weighted foam balls attached by a piece of string with the middle ball freely moving. Yet the construction of Astrojax is very sophisticated. Each ball has a precision-machined metal weight inside the soft, protective foam mantel to provide maximum performance and smooth action while playing. The fast spinning motion of the balls is based on the physical principles of rotational dynamics.

Read more on my latest mania on Astrojax.com.

D&AD Student Awards 2005

In the beginning of October the D&AD opened the call for entries for the D&AD Student Awards 2005. Don't miss it, this could be your chance to stand out from the crowd.

The selection of disciplines includes ambient media, direct mail, poster advertising, graphic design, product design, website design and environmental design. Some of the new briefs set by D&AD are brands such as TopShop, Ariel, Greenpeace and Heinz. The complete list is available to download online.

For updated information, check Dandad.org.

Jenga time

Jenga game consists of 54 perfectly sharpen wooden blocks. The aim is to remove the blocks from the bottom and add them to the top without causing the collapse of the tower. Try your hand and risk how tall you can build it!

I haven't played this game for a year, until today when I walked into a store and saw the game. I lost more than two hours this night playing. Awesome!

Check for other similar games on the official site Hasbro.co.uk or click on the image.
Have fun!


Cannabia claims to be the first legal beer in the world with cannabis substances. The result is neither good nor bad.

The girl behind the bar was assuring me, that I'm going to feel the results shortly. I suppose it's a question of subconscious expectations but I felt nothing, even worse, I didn't like its taste at all. Finishing the bottle, I promised never to buy this beer again, but if you feel like experimenting, I'd recommend you to try it, at least because it's always nice to try something new.

Cannabi'a® was born in March 1996 , when Germany officially authorized the cultivation of hemp.

To learn more visit the official website of Cannabia on cabbnabia.com.

The Next Ad Medium?

Video Game Advertising Forecast
YearIn-Game Advertising RevenueAdvergaming Revenue
Source: Yankee Group


Okay; I did it.

After more than 18 months working in this company I took the decision to move to another industry. No more gambling online.

It’s funny how after all the time making researches and promotions for the gamblers I still don’t know how to play BlackJack or the poker games. No more writing newsletters, promo texts, interactive promo games, flashy banners, chips, gold, tracking stats, counters, calculations, affiliates, real/fun players, etc., etc.

I’ll miss my colleagues.

The one month notice has been given. The countdown started yesterday.

Lets hope that the company I’m going to is really as good as people around me are rumoring, that I’ll manage to handle my new tasks in professional way and I’ll be in a team where I’ll have fun along with doing my job...


The Desktop Search

Google launched a new tool that can access the files on your computer and gives you the opportunity to search the files stored on it in the same way that you search the net.

See some screenshots here.

Claiming that they’re making your life easier, Google are conquering the world but somehow this doesn’t make me like them more.



The Amazing Cat Collection

You gonna love this site!
See more feline pictures on http://www.amazingcatcollection.com


You are an enzyme.
You are powerful, dark, variable, and can change many things at your whim...even when they're not supposed to be changed. Bad you. You can be dangerous or wonderful; it's your choice.

Which Biological Molecule Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Gravity Co. is a Bulgarian band.

They work together since 2000 and their first album called U went out in December 2002. Since then Gravity Co. released 3 videos: Away (2002), Mr NoOne (2003) and Wings (2004). My personally favourite is the second one. Follow the images above to watch the videos in low-resolution (approx. 7 Mb each).

The videos were taken from their official website www.gravityco.com. The website is in Bulgarian and English and gives info about the band, bios, photos, lyrics and album preview.

# This posting was especially created for lölinå; nevertheless All other visitors are kindly welcome to watch the videos and share opinions; enjoy.

Es QuE HaY NaDa

Dear valuable user,
I bet that many times you have asked yourself what does this or that file on you computer do. You might have suspicions on how certain files work but for the first time in IT-history You have the cance to download and install a file that has clearly defined its function and purpose to be on you hard-drive.

NaDa does nothing.

Even more, NaDa is a 1 byte file that really does nothing.
Follow this link to learn more.

1. Download it.
2. Leave it anywhere on your hard drive.
3. Forget it.
(You don't have to restart your computer. You can even put NaDa™ in the trash.)

The 5th Avocado

For more please visit www.albinoblacksheep.com

Office Space Part 2

No, of course there is not enough red, yellow or green in the office, but little by little one learns to find the colors around. And yes, you’re thinking right, my office looks like an aquarium: too many glass walls and rare weird greenery. But the fascinating things are all around; it’s up to point of view how and when you’re going to spot them.

the office haiku:
Faceless, just numbered.
Lone pixel in the bitmap-
I, anonymous.
The pictures from the office taken again thanks to my colleague’s Siemens SX1. Resized and balanced with Adobe Photoshop.

Psychedelic dishware:

Psychedelic dishwarePsychedelic dishwarePsychedelic dishware

Beautiful! But after all I can’t help thinking that eating from these would drive me to mental disorder...

That's Zographic

Have you already heard or watched Super Size Me the movie? If you do, probably you have wondered who made the animation of this movie. Well, here is the answer:

Zographic is a Bulgarian production house specialized in the fields of TV commercials, classic and 3D animation, special effects and multimedia for television and film. Some of their projects include the kinky monsters from the Fanta Madness advertisement, MTV’s “I bet you Will” and a lot of clients from social campaigns to beer producers.

Feel free to browse their news section to read about their latest awards and their participation at the Sundance Film Festival 2004.


This extraordinary vase changes color with small variations in room temperature, thanks to specially formulated, temperature sensitive ink. Designed by Jason Miller.
11" x 4.5" diameter.

Click on the image on the left for more information or on the images below for other items.

They're *The Junks*

They are ugly, dirty and lacking in good manners - they are The Junks.

If you feel too lazy to browse this junkiely awesome site, I bet at least you’d like to see the trailer. To do so, click here!


For years Taschen is bringing the style on the fine printed paper of its books. If you claim that you're part of the contemporary design and the latest imperatives in your collection will be the Japanese Graphics Now and the Graphic Design for the 21 Century.
* Click on the images above to learn more.

¿Qué hora son mi corazon?

If you're always late for work, buy one of these new binary clocks for the office and no one would ever know when exactly you sit behind your desk. Nether you will know when exactly it's time to leave to home.


The new edition of Shots.Net again brought pleasant surprises. Some of the ads published in the #85 will stay in my personal top 10 for the following two seasons.
See some of my favorite tv-spots from the last issue: El Comercio, Canon, Sony and Nike.
* To play these videos you will need QuickTime. You can download it from here.


Having a new device for the computer is always a pleasant experience. What I did last weekend was archiving with my new DVD-RW.

If you know something good/bad about NEC RW 2510 now is the time to speak and to be heard. A lot of people are telling me that NEC are not good at all which upsets me to a certain extend. Anyway, I already bought it, so there is no way back.

* I haven't opened my computer case for the past three or so months and I have forgotten how dirty a computer may look inside. But it's worth cleaning. My new device plugged with a new light-yellow IDE-cable looks cute in it. Yeah....

Lost in reaction.

The past week has been quite busy time for me. Yet there are still some unfinished tasks and some intensive travelling, but I hope that now I'll have my time back and will post some new and good stuff here.

[nich], Fingers of Fury and WorkingNob: THANK YOU for your comments in the Font'eek post. It seems you all are for 1.a. So let it be 1.a.! I'll start working again on the project for this font (or the font for this project) at the end of the week.