Sequence and growth

Eyezmaze game/ Grow
No doubt, Eyezmaze makes great games. Grow series include RPG and Cube.
Choose the right sequence and watch it grow.

A, B, C, D, Vitamin

I got sick. My tonsils are huge and devilish red, last night I couldn’t sleep because they hurt awfully. I have temperature stuck to 38-° and I can hardly get up. I need a massage.

Now my diet includes Ospamox and Coldrex three times a day, Nimesil twice a day, 3 grams Vitamin C and some lemon-honey flavored Strepsils. (I sound like a real pharmacist, ain’t I?)

The only good thing of being sick is the moment when you start feeling better.

While I was browsing the net for some advices on sore-throat treatment, I found a sweet website dedicated to vitamin C. Visit Katy Finkler-Kemeny page to learn some curious facts.

Brought to you from Turkey

I have never met a Turkish sweet I didn’t like. Pishmanie and Sheker pare are just two of the things I tried this night at the Turkish restaurant.

The Pismanie has the idea of the candyfloss but is much better and has fine exotic taste.

The Sheker pare on the other hand is like biscuits drown in sugar syrup.

Wilkinson humming Quattro

Wilkinson QuattroFor the last few days I can’t stop humming the song from the website. It’s just like the most serious buzz in my mind for this week.

I don’t know who sings it, I can’t find the name of the song… so if you happen to know, drop me a line, I will highly appreciate your help :)

Sweet Dinner

Haribo Yogurt Creamy DreamsCasper Honey&Milk Ice Cream
Fruit gum and ice cream, I can’t live without them.

My menu this night included the Haribo’s Yogurt Creamy Dreams, full of tropical fruit taste and the Casper ice cream, amazingly sweet mixture of milk and honey.

What do you usually have for dinner?

From Russia with love

Cosmonaut by Oleg Kulik
On Sept. 16th the Guggenheim Museum opens its doors for all Russia and Russian art aficionados with a huge exhibition called "Russia!". Along with the traditional Russian icons and paintings from the Middle Ages, you can see some modern artists as well.

Read the NYTimes article for the story how the exhibition was organized and what is included in it.

The picture above represents one of Oleg Kulik’s artworks called Cosmonaut. With this one he took part in the Venice 2003 biennial and it will be displayed this September in Guggenheim.

Puerta America

Hotel Puerta America
Hotel Puerta America is the next place I want to visit. Each floor has unique interior. Read the designers' biographies and have a look inside the hotel. Then, feel free to book.


Vitakraft and Sanal
My brother is having a mini-rabbit. I spent part of my holidays with them. It is a female rabbit and my brother decided to name it/her Anarhia. I don't find this one a proper name for such a sweet rabbit so I call her Hihi.

Hihi is handful size, three months old, her fur is having the color of burned cork. She is fascinating and lovely. We let her jump around the room and she already managed to nibble the telephone cable. When she is tired, she jumps on the sofa and falls asleep near the pillows. You have never seen such a rabbit.

The first thing I did when I saw her was to make a shopping tour round the pet shops. I got a few honey crackers for rabbit teeth from Vitakraft and some special wild berry taste vitamins from Sanal. She loved them. If you have a rabbit I recommend you these.


I will spend the next five days travelling around. I hope that when I come back after the 8th of September, I will have something to share with this blog.

Take care,

Sherilla Lay

At the end of the day

This Friday was a nice disaster. I'll tell you my cocktail for days like this:
- 4 ice cubes
- 2 oz Captain Morgan
- 2 oz Pineapple juice
- 2 oz Orange juice
Stir. Serve.

Before this you should have visited the nearest shop and bought a package of cherry flavoured cigars, and have a remix of Gabrielle in your music player. When you’re ready with the cocktail just light one of the cherry cigars and enjoy the foggy September night outside the window.

Do you know who owns It's Captain Morgan.