I remember the day when Derbena entered my menu.

It was a sunny April weekend afternoon, I had no home, no money and no big perspective for my career. So my man and I were hanging around the park when we reached one of this beer-kiosks, places where one can buy chips and waffles along with the beer. I saw the Guarana packaging and I knew I should try them. They were much better than expected.

If you haven't seen them in your local beer/food-store, just check (Or at least try the game on the left.)

Bunny Vs. World

Some of the people who read this blog from time to time know that I love rabbits. It's not this special affection to roasted meat and good wine, but a real human love to a furry ass. That's why this game deserves a special place around here. Prove your respect to all cute tiny rabbits. Play it.

Now, if you enjoyed this piece of work, pay attention to the creator of the game, Helmi Bastami, and his website

Too many religions make...

  1. Agnosticism: I'm not sure about this shit
  2. Taoism: Shit happens.
  3. Buddhism: If shit happens, it isn't really shit.
  4. Islam: If shit happens, it is the will of Allah.
  5. Islam #2: If shit happens, kill the personresponsible.
  6. Islam #3: If shit happens, blame Israel.
  7. Catholicism: If shit happens, you deserve it.
  8. Protestantism: Let shit happen to someone else.
  9. Lutheran: If shit happens, don't talk about it.
  10. Judaism: Why does this shit always happen to us?
  11. Seventh Day Adventism: No shit shall happen on Saturday.
  12. Creationism: God made all shit.
  13. Secular Humanism: Shit evolves.
  14. Christian Science: When shit happens, don't call a doctor - pray!
  15. Christian Science #2: Shit happening is all in your mind.
  16. Utopianism: This shit does not stink.
  17. Darwinism: This shit was once food.
  18. Capitalism: That's MY shit.
  19. Communism: It's everybody's shit.
  20. Feminism: Men are shit.
  21. Chauvinism: We may be shit, but you can't live without us...
  22. Commercialism: Let's package this shit.
  23. Mormonism: God sent us this shit.
  24. Scientology: If shit happens, see "Dianetics", p.157.
  25. Jehovah's Witnesses: Shit has been prophesiedand is imminent; only the righteous shall survive its happening.
  26. Agnostic: Shit might have happened; then again, maybe not.
  27. Satanism: SNEPPAH TIHS.
  28. Sadism: Let us rape and torture this shit
  29. Atheism: I can't believe this shit!
  30. Nihilism: No shit.

Extra Tasty

While making a research on completely different topic, we found Extra Tasty. The website community turned out to be quite useful for fast and easy-to-prepare non pernickety cocktails. Have a sip.