Subway for Dummies

If you happen to go to Prague, London, Rome or NewYork, first read these guidelines by RomanWanderer on what to expect to see when you go under. It’s a fresh report on the nice stinky dark side of the pubic transport and definitely you’ll enjoy it.


  1. Hello *Sherilla* :)
    Thx for the comment and for the link to ur post on the Blue Room - this song was so appropriate to ur mood at that time... it's amazing how musicians & artists in general can at times feel *exactly* the same way we do... could it be that all these feelings of hope, despair, love, hurt etc are so intricately universal...
    *sigh* :)

    I haven't been to a U2 or Duran Duran live show yet, though I'd LOVE to :) I recently went to see Annie Lennox & Sting - it was AWESOME :) This guy is so coooooooooool :)and the girl's so beautiful too...

    btw, I had to cancel my previous blog account 'coz the template is all messed up - if u look at my previous account, u'll see the archives DISAPPEARED :( :(

    So I created a new blog, ur most welcome to visit anytime :) it has the same name & address
    kaleidoscope at

    ps u have a cool blog :) keep updating :)

  2. oh no!!! I wrote that previous message from my OLD account (the messed-up one) - so I'm writing back from my NEW account so u could have a direct link :) I'll be using this account from now on, not the OLD MESSY ONE :D

  3. hi, *lölinå* ::))

    thank you for letting me know that you changed your blog-name;
    it was fun exchanging lyrics and thoughts about U2;

    thank you for the warm words :)) i'm happy when people are happy reading my short comments on the links :))

    i hope that soon i'll see you around again!