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The designer of these totaly awesome watches is Philippe Starck. If you feel curious about his work or any of the watches click the rink to right now.


Logan is a design and production company. You might have seen their work if you recently have watched the BBC digital radio ads, the iPod U2 campaign, VH1, No Doubt, FelixDaHousecat or No Doubt.

Still human?

Human Descent is the proof of the fact that the Nature of the animal or human body can be tricked. Stir a kangaroo, add a crow, mix with baby. There are some really nice works but only if you have healthy stomach. Photoshop may cause diseases.


Three good articles on the subliminal advertising:

What is Subliminal in Advertising?
The idea was propelled further into the annals of popular culture when Wilson Bryan Key began publishing volume after volume on the subject, beginning with 1974's Subliminal Seduction on up to 1993's Subliminal Ad-Ventures in Erotic Art. Among his most famous claims was that Nabisco had arranged the holes in its Ritz crackers to spell the word sex.

Txe Vords

Pardon me. Pardon my Spanglish, Bulgarish and whatever you can think of. Pardon the fact that I’m talking at all and that when I’m trying to be polite or casual, suddenly it turns out that I’m rude or too formal.
Sounds familiar? Check the


I bet you have tried playing cards. And I don’t mean playing Poker, Black Jack or any other card game, but Playing. Just the way Berg does it. Back to 1992 he broke the Guinness World Record for card structures and now a days he even mastered in the art of card-architecture.

Visit and have a look at the galleries (1 and 2)


Be honest, which is the freshest 404 error you've ever read?

Here is a good start for your top-chart.

"C'mon, gimme a smooch."

? = 10 x 10

the 100 most important pictures
and words
every hour


Every girl needs some shopping time.

The other part of the literature shopping experience includes:
  • Günter Grass' Die Blechtrommel
  • Naomi Klein's No Logo.

All I need is a two months vacation to read all the books which I have bought in this or that moment of my life.

Got the haircut

I got a haircut the other day.

Now my hair is about 2-3 centimeters long, which actually is my regular hairstyle, it just happened that the last two years ran too fast and I couldn’t react to its longitude.

It’s funny because I have met most of the people I currently meet or go out with occasionally in the last year and for many of them it’s really hard to get accustomed to see me this way.

As for the people I knew for longer period, many of them didn’t even notice it.

The men’s reactions are stronger. As the QA-boy at the company I’m currently working for noticed, men take these changes more seriously and feel more shocked than women. His statement was proven by the reactions of my male friends.

Anyway, I feel fine with this haircut, almost as if I’m seventeen-something again.

I Have Been Updated.

I added some new links to this blog. I'm too chaotic lately so I was storing the things day after day until the free time for update has come this weekend.

Click here and here to see all the new spots on the net where I have been.

Thank you for passing by. :)

special moves


Съпруга съм на три деца.С чувекъ сбрахме пари и купихми тристаен партамент.Една вечер звъни вртата.Звънеца чука.Отварям-НИНДЖА!И без да каже нищо с карате в бъбреците.Дукат съ усетъ-два шамара с крак и един на детето в гръбначния кош.От ударната вълна отлитам 20-30 метра.Абстрахираха децата.А чувекъ го нема.Ако упщината в града не вземе спешни мерки ще се самуубеся или ще изчезна безкрайно a>


Impressive illustrations:


The sense and simplicity on PHILIPS is worth every single click. Indeed.

DreamWorks Animation Vs. Pixar

Read about the Forbes' latests: DreamWorks Animation Vs. Pixar

Find it

This is a quest which some people with more technical skills are going to like.
It is based on those types of games in which you read the souce, you code and decode until you give up, ot at least I gave up even after the seconde level.

The elephant

Throw Leonardo the Elephant as far and high as you can.
Make swing the ballon with the air fan and click to detach the rope.
For more, visit

A girl's guide to gadgets

Promo Quest

A promotional game (in Bulgarian)


10 Most Persistent Design Bugs

Read this article and send a message to Tog with your design bugs.

the angry young man

    he is 27 and he’s angry
    he writes good when he’s angry
    he writes long when he’s angry
    it’s nice to read him (while he’s angry)


Do you know that:
Even before Tchaikovsky's famous ballet, The Nutcracker, made the toy popular they were a common Christmas gift. Especially among the poor, they were a beautiful and useful gift that could be made from a piece of scrap wood. After Tchaikovsky's ballet the nutcrackers were usually dressed as soldiers or government officials.

Read other Christmas symbols facts here

Things You Can Do with Old Tuna Cans

Imagine the smell of this in action.


A recent survey by the company of more than 400 people found that 95 percent made phone calls after a drinking session, with 30 percent of calls going to exes and 19 percent to current partners.

How to drink with no worries about phone calls? Read here

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