Video Invasion

Some time ago Channel Frederator announced its 2006 video awards. I especially like the Darky one called Snow-Bo.

Frederator itself is one of my top-ever-ever animation studios. With a bit of nostalgia I remember the time some 10-12 years ago when they did the World Premier Toons series starting with Dexter's Lab and the fantastic Rat In A Hot Tin Can (both of them more than iconic).

Check what they do today here:

Also do not miss to have a look at the other awarded movies and the blog section.


[!] No pictures in this post, but at the end I have a question for you.

I have an assignment for the Academy and the topic of my work is somehow too widely set:

"What impressed me"

I couldn't ferret out nothing more than this from my professor, what left me with the sour feeling that maybe there is some kind of secret behind this topic. The delicate moment comes with the fact that at the end I should visualize all these works, so guided by "the picture first" principle I have about ten days to think of something impressive and worth showing. And becasue if it was up to me, most probably I would make something about cats, here comes the question:

[?] What was the last thing that impressed You?

(Answers? Leave a comment, send me an email or call me on the phone...)

Finland and the Gourmet

Update, update! V. (my very personal, unique and fantastic travel agent) sent me a link from a nice website for video sharing on travel topics. The video is from Pori, Finland where I had snails with parmesan and quite a variety of fish, but I'm not sure about this Lamprey thing... However, I suspect that at least I saw it. Frozen (of course). Here is the picture:

Finland and the Frost

At first sight Finland is black and white, at second look you realize that it is quite green and snowy and at the end you should face it--Finland is the country with most drunk people in a square meter (two clubs proved it). The last has nothing to do with the colors or the purpose of my stay there but definitely from now on it will be my definition for the country of the suomi language. Even drunk, people there are cheerful and fun.

And because I know that you are going to ask: no, it was not That cold there, just the sea was frozen and the day was really really short.

Feline Feelin'

It's not a secret that I love cats and that sometimes I have this deep feline feeling which provokes to... meaw. The good thing is that obvously I am not alone (see the video example below).

After you have already seen this, maybe you would like to join me for a chain meaw something. Record your voice when you are meawing and then post it to your blog (it's better if you are a contributor to a corporate blog with thousands of visits daily and still you can afford to meaw there but even the small blogs can make big things so don't give up!).

Here I start.

Positions now open...

Here is an example* that traditional professions like gold mining and sewing are forever.

Looking for established Gold Farmers (preferably already employed by a farming Company) to supply my company with Gold in the following games: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Lineage 2, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Flyff, Ragnarok online, EVE Online, and others. Website in development. ... NOT looking for part time gamers from America who are going to farm me 50 gold a week. Preferably Chinese experienced farming services wanted. Other positions database management and CSR may become available. PM me for more information! Thanks.

* It is also an example that internet is closed market no matter what some people are trying to prove repeating the ensign of the open internet, open media and modern nomads. Face it, employers still (and will) prefer China--pay less, get more.

PS: Yes, I know it's not a big deal. I personally know people who make their living with this, so no kidding, just thinking...

Die, die, Blogger.

"Beta"? My ass.

I find every next version of Blogger/Blog*Spot more complicated to use and less flexible. It was easy when the users could unyieldingly edit the HTML no matter how many open tags they were leaving behind them.

In short, I loath the new functions and outlook of this blog.

Fear of ---

I don't fear of flying. I fear of losing my luggage.

Every time when I get off the plain, I have this quiver inside me – is it here? Seeing it coming off the band is an experience comparable only to the one you have when you see your beloved someone waiting you in front of the Arrivals. We are together again!

"Every year, 3.5 billion pieces of luggage are checked in with hope, 30 million we fear are lost, and approximately 200000 vanish forever", says Aeronaught. Don't you need a shelter and relief?

Globalbagtag is build to help you be a little more secure when you change your flights. The customers receive globalbagtags, each of them has a unique serial number which enables it to be traced to the owner via the website.

Here is a really good story on the same topic.

Anita Jeram

I was looking for cute lovely things on the net when I found Anita Jeram's How Much I Love You printing. There is something very special in her rabbits.

Darwin Awards Haiku

Dude had a screw loose.
Glad he didn't reproduce.
Darwin saves the day!

New Year Belgrade! Happy 2007 Serbia!

Useful links:
The idea to go to Serbia came spontaneously after a few cups of vodka last Friday night. So on the very next morning (lets better say late afternoon) my boyfriend and I had our tickets. Having almost no idea of where we were going I found Marko. He, his friends and all Serbian people were fantastic, friendly, fun. I’ve never imagined that in Belgrade I’ll whoopee so much including:
- Singing songs in Serbian.
- Drinking tons of local lagers while listening to live concerts on the city squares.
- Being hugged and hugging different people who we’ve never seen but everyone invited us to bars celebrate with them.
- Pissing in males toilets. ‘Lady’s were always crowded. All the guys used to say something like “Go in, do your *** and we’ll stay to guard outside”. Uhm!
- Feeling like a happy stupid tourist!
In short, I had unforgettable experiences, great fun and yes, oh, yes, I will definitely go there again!
Last but not least Belgrade is beautiful.