Stating Online in August'04

Nielsen//NetRatings examined how long U.S. Internet users were staying during August 2004. While there were far fewer at-work users than there were at home, the working Internet population spent more time online and surfing. Both the at-home and at-work populations stepped up their Internet time and activity since July, with the small exception of at-work users shaving 1 second off the amount of time they spent viewing a Web page.

C’mon! People are taking mojitos in August, they go beaching, playing underwater *multiplayer* games and where the hack this world is going when people who stayed at home and work in August turn out to be more than the ones for June or July?

Average Web Usage, U.S., August 2004
Number of Sessions/Visits Per Person3267
Number of Domains Visited Per Person54104
PC Time Per Person27:05:2278:22:36
Duration of a Web Page Viewed00:00:5400:01:02
Active Digital Media Universe137,038,07251,816,298
Current Digital Media Universe Estimate201,661,15956,297,182
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Do you remember August’04? Where did you spend it? Was it online?


  1. Summarized data from the "iProspect Search Engine User Attitudes Report," surveying 1,649 participants on their search engine behavior. Specific results are:

    ^ 60.5 percent of respondents picked a natural search result as the one they found most relevant to a sample query.
    ^ 60.8 percent of respondents who use Yahoo! picked a natural search result as "most relevant" to a sample query.
    ^ 72.3 percent of respondents who use Google picked a natural search result as "most relevant."
    ^ 15.2 percent more women than men stop at the first page of search results.

    The study by iProspect also illustrated when searchers "move on" from search results and type in another query.

    ^ 22.6 percent of searchers will try another search after viewing the top listings.
    ^ 18.6 percent will try another search after viewing the entire first page.
    ^ 25.8 percent will abandon the query after checking the first two pages.
    ^ 14.7 percent will relaunch a query after the first three pages.

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