Hihi, I will love you till the end of times.

Okay. If you don't wanna see me sentimental, just skip this post. In the next one I will back back to my normal happy-go-lucky shell.

It's been 40 days since Hihi is gone.

You won't get it, but I cry for him every single day. I miss him. I love him. This won't bring him back. Hihi is gone without a proper farewell. There at the cemetery by the sea is where he belongs now.

This is his last picture, I took it the same morning... It is so hard to look at his pictures...

Rest in peace, my one and only. Hihi (2005-2010)

Lego. Yeah!

I love-love-love Lego! This time the venue was bigger and noisier. And I loved it.

The model touches the reality to the tiniest detail.

Yep, Pesho and Rada. Boys, what you don't know is that spring was long-long ago and I relocated a few times since then but I keep my Pesho :)

Pesho's twin brother working hard.

The skater:

And the monsters in action (ft. The Scorpio!)

The magic Lego people ;)


Actually while I was falling down at 200 km/h speed I hadn't much time to think or performing acrobatics. At 3000 m. height all I could think of was "YES"; and then I was 1500 m. down and I could now say "YES!"; and in a few minutes we were back on the solid ground so I asked "Could we do it again?"

Yeah, it was a blast.

Wanna see me in my swimwear?

Yeah, X-ray is all we got at the end.

Okay, I'm officially back and it seems that the surfing plans are suspended till next summer.

I was coughing and I had severe pain in my waist but luckily the X-ray showed that I'm fine, I just needed some time to recover. Unfortunately this means: no more beach and surf for this season.

My physiotherapist recommended me to start practicing pilates which will help my spine. I already do so and I should confess that it's not as boring as expected. I also started visiting the pool again. The feel has nothing to do with the swim in the open sea.

Se la vie.