office space

A colleague is having Siemens SX1 and today while he was on a meeting with our boss he left me playing with his phone. No doubt that this telephone was not meant to be a camera. Anyway, I was bored so I took some pictures of the surroundings.

Here you see about 87 empty folders (because I’m too lazy to print the info that I keep in carefully backed up digital files).
You see my coffee mug (don’t trust your eyes, I drink Lipton only when the coffee box is empty).
And you see some pins used for paper inquisitions on the cork board.


  1. I should take some pics of my cube-space..but I wouldn't want to incriminate myself! I used to have stuff posted up all around me, but decided to take it's all bare except for a dunkin donuts calender... I buy cd's sometimes on my lunch break so I stick that sticker that crosses the opening on my monitor..oh well..if anyone who works with me is reading this..they know it's me...but I will deny it!

  2. WorkingNob, :) I really really doubt that you’re the only one in the company you’re working for that spends too much time surfing on the net or just wasting his time :) Even if they know, I don’t believe the’d do something to stop you. People are usually too busy and obsessed with their own fears not to get caught :) So picture your monitor and upload the picture somewhere, I’d love to see it!