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If you wonder who is Johnny Nash, check I Can See Clearly Now on You Tube, but scroll to 0'56"

More Tiny Animals

* Via my brother. PS: On the pfoto you see lemur, but as we always do, it all started from the Rabbit.


Play with my pig Piglet, a few fast clicks and it rolls in the dirt :) Use the More button to clean and feed. Do not forget to put your speakers to Max. Squeak, squeak!

July 2ND, update: At first it was a small innocent pink creature, but then one day it became big fat swine and I had to move it from the vertical bar to me main page side. At this moment its initial height grew from 276x230 to 480x400 so, you can see it big and squeaking downwards.

Raymond Chandler & Co

It rains outside again and I am sitting behind my scotch glass, trying to find the meaning of this useless life. Car's alarm breaks the silence and the dogs are barking madly. I haven't expected to meet it this night, but things like it always come unexpected. Unfaithful husbands, false wives, where is the money going? I need escort. Locate the fraud and catch the villain.
I was surprised, I just found a website for freelancer detectives. It seems that most projects are for fraud and infidelity.
And now is time for long goodbye.

Midnight Sparring: Out of the Box

Trends Off

My all time favorite summer clothes this season are those dresses below. Though the green one provokes various picky comments from "You look like a lettuce" to "Wow, you look like Robin Hood from the Sherwood Forest". Yes, I do, thank you. The good news are two: 1) I took them on a price far below Miss Selfridge's; 2) I look great in them. ;)

Two months ago Esprit became my new religion because its Bea T-Style popped up exactly when I needed. High heels? Not exactly, but this pair of shoes tuned out to be the best: extremely comfortable and somehow stylishly casual. I walk a lot, I have been to number of concerts with these shoes and still feeling better than with casual Rbk. So... I bought them for $80 believing it was a bargain. I just saw them on sale for $20. Aghhh! Yes, they are still extremely comfortable, but I no longer consider them the deal of my life, you see :) As for Keneth Cole's handbag, mine is Raspberry and looks ├╝ber-cutely great with the black dress you see upwards.

Last but not least, my all time favorite and innocent scent of Romance is back for about 6 weeks now but it is still under the severe sweet and fantastic competition of Fruttini Vanilla Cherry. These two fragrances are absolutely incomparable.

Petals post

We went to the supermarket for some vegetables and cheese for dinner and I remembered that after yesterday’s weekly cleaning we do not have anything to support the home hygiene. It seems that the local branch of Unilever still have this Cif+seeds promotion so another package of flowers went to the pots. The flower name is--take a breath--Gypsophila elegans (Caryophyllaceae) also known as Baby's breath.

I think all botanists pass special freak test before being allowed to give names to new species. I have more than 50 kinds of flowers at home and once I even had labels on them saying Hello! My name is... chamedorea, areca, aralia, hypoestes, schefflera, whatever. P. is defender for equal rights and calls them simply: Oh?-That-Flower? but he waters them with attention. If something grows out of these Caryophyllaceae seeds, I promise to post pictures.

Hug This Furniture

This weekend we went shopping for a birthday present and at the end we finished with some furniture shopping for our apartment. First we started with a small ottoman with cute Asian outlook.

Then P. saw this red armchair and after 5 minute wondering take-it-or-not, well, we took two. The red one is already home and mine (color Lime) will be delivered in twelve days.

The shop assistant also said that they have hand-sofas but they didn't have any in the showroom, nor pictures or website for additional information. I really can not understand such company policies. However we found a reseller in... Australia and we saw the pink sofa. Really hot pink, hard to resist.

Now I am thinking where to place the pink sofa if we buy it and I feel more and more Sims-like...
PS: I just woke up P. and he promised me when we take the Lime armchair and the rain stops to go to the park and make nice photo session in suspense-style. Yuppie!