Madrid in December

Some pictures from Madrid (unordered list). It's sad this time it was raining almost all the time. Truth is, the best thing about Madrid is that you can speak Spanish...

Police horses in the rain

Metro station looking like the matrix code

The Cuatro torres district



Cafe Gijon - an historic literary cafe

Sign reads "Aqui vendio tabaco y vio pasar la vida Alfonso, cerillero y anarquista"

Museo Naval - Navy Museum

Bunnies in Museo Naval


Somebody left his dog outside (very rude!) and got in the Museo del Jamon (Ham Museum) - probably the best place to enjoy the Spanish ham

Love playground

Candy time


En cuatro palabras: Mi Buff es maravilloso

Me salva de lluvia y viento, ademas si que se me cae bien!

No sabes que es Buff? A ver aqui:

This Bunny Game

Or play it here:

Her Morning Elegance

Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

Oren Lavie | MySpace Video


Soon she's down the stairs, her morning elegance she wears
The sound of water makes her dream awoken by a cloud of steam
She pours a daydream in a cup, a spoon of sugar sweetens up

And She fights for her life as she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain as it pours
And she fights for her life as she goes in a store
With a thought she has caught by a thread she pays for the bread and she goes...
Nobody knows

Sun been down for days, a winter melody she plays
The thunder makes her contemplate, she hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove, perhaps a stranger she could love

More Bunny Games: How We First Met

Ce got me in true adventure and this morning I wasted more than 90 minutes playing ANOTHER bunny game... It's addictive. Nope. Its absolutely fabulous and addictive. I love cute stupid bunny games!

I'm lucky that after so much time invested in gameplay something went wrong and the game kind of crashed so I couldn't collect more items.

Hahaha, I'm fine, I still have this wired stars in my eyes that say "hello, hello, i'm not crazy, but it's stronger than me!"

Play: Bunni: How we first met

Full Moon Bunny

Sorry, I can not embed the game here. Probably there is a way but I can't figure it out so if you have idea how to do it, call me: "blink-blink".


This fabulous game comes to you thanks to Ce who once upon a time had Hihi, and Hihi Loved Him, but Ce had Plans and left to UK leaving Hihi in another town with another family but this family also traveled but loved Hihi so much that says they'd never leave it alone and to cut the long story short, here is the game:

La Kamikace de Amaral

La chica sigue siendo estupenda y me da alas para escapar, jeje, Madrid llegare, te prometo. ;)

Amaral Kamikaze(kamikace) - Click here for funny video clips

Es la musica del dia

Bueno, vamos a tratar un poco en espanol. Empezare con la musica, asi que ponte los auriculares.

Eva Mendez's Phone Number

You can have the media, but if you still lack the message...

Movies to watch this season

Movies to watch this season:

  • (500) Days of Summer
  • Zombieland
Last week I went to quite fantastic event: premiere of a documentary "Angel's Club". It was telling the story of a gypsy music band Karandila Junior, youngsters between 10 and 13, kids that literary live in the ghetto of the city and their music teacher named Angel Ticheliev. In two years he manages to find funding for the band and to teach these kids to play the instruments, to be disciplined and consistent in their efforts and most of all - to enjoy the music. The band has already been invited to play in clubs in Western Europe and to many music events. After the screening of the movie the kids actually appeared on scene and played in the club. It was truly amazing!

What movie would you recommend?

So, here is your leopard.

You know the computer geeks went too far when...

... you make a websearch for “snow leopard” and the first link Google gives you is the Apple’s website.


Someone somewhere should do something.


When you see Athens today, you will understand why the Greeks insisted to have earlier elections for new government.

The city is full of ruined old buildings (and I don't speak about the buildings of the Acropolis). The capital is full of immigrants. Most of them are selling stolen watches, fake Prada purses and Police sunglasses promptly displayed on blankets on all central streets and squares. There are also beggars and street musicians that bribe you while you have dinner in any open air restaurant. It is not uncommon to see people taking drugs on the central streets or in front of an important public building.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that all big cities have immigration problems to solve but the case in Athens is major. The city stinks.

Enough said. Now back to the things that I loved:

This turtle was very friendly. All ancient sights in Athens are full of turtles (And dogs. But cats are rare - it seems that they prefer the taverns).

The party tonight is at Herodes'. The Odeon of Herodes is still used for cultural events.

But that day it rained and here is a picture of the coming clouds.

When in Athens don't forget to drop by the New museum in front of the Acropolis. It was open this July and the ticket till the end of the year is just one euro (1 euro!). Inside it is neat and tidy - I really loved it.

The whole museum is build on columns and in front of it and inside on the first floor visitors can see the ruins of large old building from 7c. AD.

Lol, and this is a picture of the museum after my camera broke. From this moment I had only the movie option.

The metro in Athens is full of displays of the ancient history. All central stations have pictures or replicas of statues, info boards with history info and so on. There are no poster ads, banners or ad screens.

Here we have a nice piece of street art.

There is the kiosk of a political party that has the sign of the communists. The words read like "Krisi. Ftoheia. Anergia. Katastoli. Antistasi" but I have no idea what does it mean. I guess it's a kind of "equal rights for all".

At night even the central streets are full of people who don’t seem happy to see you.

Of course not everything on the streets of Athens is disgusting. We saw great zoo-shop that had displayed some of the goods on the street and there among the empty bird cages and the dog snacks we saw the rabbits!

And the more I was watching them, the more I missed Hihi, and then I realized it is time to go home.


I headed to Ios full of expectations. The travel websites were promising water sports paradise and beaches full of life and entertainment.

The trip started in excitement because we took the Hellenic fast ferries and they have great boats.

At the port in Ios we rented an ATV and we headed to the north.

Pushing the gas of the ATV is exhausting for the fingers so I was quite happy when Bo seated in front.

It didn't take long to realize that all these websites probably were speaking of another island - in September Ios is empty and moonlike.

We traveled miles and miles without seeing anyone until we reached the end of the island...

... and there we expected to see the supa-dupa Homer's tomb which was unpleasant surprise. At least the view to Paros, Antiparos and Iraklia was cool.

Wikitravel was right for just one thing - the beaches in Ios are fantastic - golden and fine sands, clear waters, nobody around you.

And again, water full of colorful fish.


Thirasia is one of the smallest islands I have visited so far. To get there we got the port of Amoudi in Santorini and for an euro small boat took us to cape Omos in Thirasia. The island was less than 20 minutes away.

The trip to the island is great if the waves are bigger because they shake the small boat as a ride on rollercoaster.

Small public bus took us to one of the highest points on the island where we had amazing view over the caldera and to Santorini. The road down is full of fig trees and cacti. I spent some time picking figs and kidding around.

Thirasia like elsewhere on these lands doesn't offer too much but quietness, good view and again, donkey rides. The alley along the port is full of small taverns, cheap CD stands and souvenir shops. All of them get empty when the sun approaches the horizon and the tourist ships leave the island.

Thirasia is among the places where you can se the real face of the Cyclades - blue, white and lonely.

Due to the specific erosion problems it is not uncommon to see falling rocks.

Thirasia's water were full of fish. Probably baby fish are born here because the water was black of fish. We spent some time feeding it with biscuits.

All the cats of Santorini

As I told you, some nations know how to respect the nature. You know my affections to cats so watch carefully: