I bet this website will impress you if you're a fan of the interactive retro style.

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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and posting. Did you find it by random? Great picture by the way - utter vastness. I'll be around..

  2. holy holy, that was a link & not a jpeg...niiicceee.... I'm going to lower back into my cube & continue pretending....oh but it's friday & the fiery furnaces are playing tonight with white magic...ohh..i have enough money to go...ooh the show is probably going to sell out before I get there. One way or the other I will recreate!

  3. weird
    well, I changed the link for the picture and now I hope you won’t have problems seeing it ;-)

    I hope you had a great Friday night ;-)

  4. Nice! Friday was fun - went out to a hipster packed bar & drank. Saturday was more fun, a friend rented the back room of a lounge bar (for her birthday)& later we stumbled upon a cool party where we danced (foolishly) our asses off until the wee hours.. Sunday was for resting (as always)