Click to watch the new video of the band; called "(Reach Up for the) Sunrise" it's a nice piece of music.
* This video was accidentally found while humbling DuranDuran’s Out Of My Mind.


  1. ¡Me encantan tus imágenes!!

    Un abrazo


  2. Notoriously mi Come Undone in Ordinary World when completely Out Of My Mind wondering Do You Believe in Shame

  3. Hello *Sherilla Lay*
    Thx for posting a comment on my blog :)
    We seem to have similar tastes in music :)

    Indeed U2 is GREAT, so is Duran Duran...
    Some lines I luv about em:
    "Any world is my world
    Every world is my world..."

    Such a pity they are not touring...

  4. I want to run
    I want to hide
    I want to tear down the walls
    That hold me inside
    I want to reach out
    And touch the flame
    Where the streets have no name
    yes, it's a pity... i should confess that i've never been to a U2 concert neither DuranDuran. but i wish to, i wish! :)