one more post with animal pictures and i'll go to live in the zoo.

btw i got addicted to carrots. again. and P. owes me a basket full of carrots because of 2 one-way tickets to valencia.


The best photo (this month) came via V. and

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Another hot news from animal planet. It seems that all my ex-colleagues are populating their lives with cute little animals. This is I.'s hamster. She'll call it Hiro Nakimura, though she is not really sure "Isn't He a She?" The problem with tiny animal's sex is really critical sometimes. However she just told me that she'll call it Misha for short. So, meet him:


Meet Amadeus. Male. 6 weeks old. British Shorthair. 600 euro. Fabulous.

His new home is D+S apartment which automatically makes his life true adventure. I'm so proud of D. who finally overcame his bad feelings towards pets. (D. I love you for this!:)

D. said that all their friends commented that Amadeus is really gayish name and that D+S are absolute gays bus who cares. He is wonderful. Amadeus is their first child, lol, and I applied for babysitter, yeah.

After Holidays Couture

Forget the tweed. Forget the polka dot. Forget all patterns because the hottest for the coming months is this one:


Radio GaGa

I was searching for information what to adapt for my absolutely boring topic for term paper with the absolutely exciting title Radio - the cultural phenomenon when I found Seth. I hate radio. I have never listened to radio and I can not stand boring people to speak about their boring problems or jokes when I drive. I hate letting other people select my music and so on. So I just don't listen, never listened and even hated it. Simply do not understand it right. Okay, that's another story. While I was digging I found Seth's blog post about the radio. Scenario D is wonderful, C too and the whole post is whoa.
Now read on: What happens to radio?