Against Real Life

We made our Dove spoof as a playful homage to the original. A wise man – it may have been Ross Kemp – once said that you can only spoof something you love. If you’re indifferent to something, you ignore it. How very true, Ross, how very true.

Simply a SL

Once every two or three years I suffer the irresistible dotage symptoms. After I made quite a good soap opera with a few versions of The Sims, now I live my Second Life.

For those who are in your senses: Second Life is virtual world. Users create avatar-like almost human creatures...blah, blah, blah. Actually is there anyone who hasn’t heard of SL?

On a side notes and curious facts:
+ many international companies and brands created their own avatars in order to approach the target audience even in its Second life (eg. IBM SL @ Reuters)
+ the first SL millionaire (Anshe Chung @ Money.Cnn.Com)
+ Reality on SL (BigBrother @ SecondLife)

Well, the focus of this posting was that I am desperately unhappy because my electricity installation at home exploded this morning, so now I can't play SL and now I'm in a stupid office but the computer sux that much so I can't launch the game and tonight I'm leaving to another city where I'll be too busy with some boring things... as a result, I won't play SL in the next 5 or 6 days, oh sh*t.

Live! Start your SecondLife.

Kitten Cannon

YES. I know it's inhuman, brutal and frankly disgusting. You see, I love cats too. But this kind of timesheet killers* always makes me smile. In addition, I like to see the mewing kitten flying.

* I call them timesheet killers, because you spend one or two hours playing and at the end of the day this really affects your highly crucial daily tasks and totally important timesheet reports.

Updated 36 minutes later: My record is 818 ft 1108 ft. Awesome, eh?
Updated 54 minutes later: I really hate its sound...

Crossing the Bridge

Watched: yesterday
Genre: Music, a lot of music. Documentary.
There is something deeply enigmatic and attracting in Istanbul. Crossing the Bridge (The Sound of Istanbul) is a fantastic curtsy to music in the megapolis and Turkey in general. You will hear Turkish vibes from jazz to traditional performances.

The Director, Fatih Akin, was born in Germany but is Turkish parentage. Somehow he managed to catch the spirit of the city and to present it in a highly melodic way.

To me, top-good are the Orient Expressions part (described as ethno techno) and the Ceza's Holocaust hiphop performance. The father of one of the Ceza boys made great comment on the modern music and the hiphop.

In short: Don't miss it!


Hellomoto is fancy once again. The website allows you to create your own graphic world of objects and colors. In addition you can export your artwork as screensaver and wallpaper (both desktop + mobile versions of the service are available) or send it to a friend.


Misicovery is something similar to Pandora (and the equivalent music stations) but it’s more French and Flashy.
This means that the music is cool, but the design is better. :)

What makes me really upset with these services is the fact that they don’t have the forward option. You can never jump backwards or forward, to skip the next 15 seconds or to listen again the previous 10 seconds from the song. No, no, no, you should listen to the whole song all over again or just to skip it all. Dummy.

In addition these play in your browser, which means that just a random click and the show is over (I did this twice in the last 30 minutes with Musicovery).

PS: I will put an image or at least a logo later. Or at least I will try.

By the way, tonight is party time with Timo Maas live! See ya, :)