Hidden, Organic

This was the first link revieved this morning. In the very begining i was far too sleepy to see that there is a frog on it.

See more images on the Photography Blog.


  1. Howdy *Sherilla* :)
    now u r making think "T-W-I-C-E" before having any ORGANIC stuff :b :P :b
    but I love frogs though - they're so cute, and who knows... perhaps there's an ORGANIC prince charming HIDDEN there :D :D :D
    left u a message yesterday in Piled Higher & Deeper, thought that was EXACTLY ME : Crazy & Lazy :D
    *lölinå* ;)

  2. Hello *Sherilla* :)
    Thx for passing by :) I was commenting on ur blog when I found ur comment on mine - isn't this a great coincidence? :D

    Well, I'm pasting my response to u from my blog, so it could be archived on ur blog too :)

    Cya, and keep updating :)
    To *Sherilla*:

    You are soooooo right :) As the saying goes, "no man is an island..." and whatever we do affects our immediate surroundings, and vice-versa... perhaps that's why it's so fundamental that we do everything we do the proper way, the passionate way, the way that impersonates our own Self... if we try to wear sb's else coat, it probably won't fit :P

    that's perhaps what happiness is all about... a process, a continuity, a road, a river that flows, winds, curves its way... rather than its final destination :)

    ...And all this time, the river flowed... ;)

    as you say, never cross it twice :P :b :P