Font’eek ! I'm busy...

Please, look at the samples on your left and tell me which you like most.

We should select a font and clear the arguments using the Cap-letters. What will be written is having the letters w, m, e, a, d, t, n, u, r, i.

NB: "wantdrumie" has no specific meaning but it was just the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the letters that we should use.


  1. Your purpose for the font is not clear enough.
    But sure I'll let you know my fave..
    if its for something official or formal, I say 1.a. would do the work, but if its for a personal stuff 1.b. is most like it.

    Just an opinion : )

  2. Sherilla Lay,

    You could also have it say "I wanted rum" or "u dreamt win" or "I meant wurd" or "i am drew nut" or "it draw me run" or "u and me r wit" or "u write a mud" or "rud team win" or "i run mad wet." What do you think?

  3. PS I like the first one and the last one.

  4. [nich]

    THNAK YOU for your opinion and comments
    They've been far more useful to me than you can ever imagine!

    So, the font competition winners is:




  5. You are welcome.
    Hey, it's been a long time since your last posts.

  6. The things at the office we not going smoothly enough (here it happens at the end of every month) so I got lost in office work, newsletters, promotions, support-team meetings and report analysis [!boring]

    But now I’m back!..

  7. hope i am not too late to state personal preference : - 1a/ 1b.
    for visual impact without mistake, 1a.
    for a queerness (especially to the word), 1b.

  8. minty, your comment comes right on time :) thank you!

    it seems that the absolute winner is 1.a.

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