Viable London

This holiday season I bought a dozen of books and I've got a few more as gifts. Now I have a pile of about 35 books which probably I will be reading till next Easter holidays. Viable gives a nice solution to the problem of where to put your books and save some space in a stylish way at the same time.


If you love cats but you have a rabbit, BunnyKitty is your keyword. Lovely, isn't it?

Fruity Ending of 2005.

Every now and then you should try something new. I decided to close the experiments of this year with some exotic fruits.

The sapodilla looks brown and unpretentious but it tastes sticky like persimmon mixed with fine cacao extract.

On the other hand the pitahaya immediately grabs your attention with amazing pink color topped with some kind of green offspings. It tastes more like kiwi.

Did you reward yourself with something for the end of 2005?

Your Greeting Is Served

There are a few reasons why I love this business. See some of them. "Happy Holidays!"

Mitsubishi Endeavor

Beyond the metal... you will find imagination.

The new Mitsubishi Endeavor ad steps out of the beaten track trademarked by all the motor-engine vehicles and gives you an origami world full of ingenuity.

See it (~4 Mb).

The Plushy Microbes Team

Love comes unexpectedly. You can even love a microbe especially when it is cuddle and sweet as the ThenkGeek microbes.

"Each 5-7 inch plush microbe comes with a instructional card that includes an actual picture of the microbe along with information about the microbe in its natural environment."

I especially like the blue Common Cold and the pink Pox.

See them all here
Or read more

JCB Song


If you like games where you should find things, use them and save the world or at least save your dog, probably you have already played the first version of Staromost the Game. The second is as good as its predecessor.

To play Staromost 1
To play Staromost 2
If you like these, do not miss to visit Amanita Design.


Alpia Pink ChocolateChocolate. I've tried to live without it.

Alpia Winterapfel-Vanille turned out to be pretty nice "Schocolade" with tender touch of cinnamon and vanilla hidden under the milk chocolate cover. The lovely pink wrapper, by which I was attracted so much that I risked buying the chocolate and even eating it, just comes as an extra.

A Wake Up Buzz

A flying alarm clockEvery morning we all have the problem of waking up on time. Ena Macana gives a pretty solution designing a flying alarm clock. It works amusingly strange: flying around and producing a sound similar to mosquito or a fly. To stop the clock, you should run around the room and try to catch it. So it turns out to be a waking up tool and a tonic for your morning gym.

However it is still up to you no to go back to bed for a nap after catching it.

Post It

Postcard image"Christmas" is a nice chance to get material and at least once to skip the email.

The craze of the season will be the fancy card-gifts. Again.

I spent part of the day grubbing tons of Christmas cards until I found a few good ones, or at least perfect for the ones who're going to receive them: Perleberg and Nouvelles Images.

P.S. I know someone who will receive more than one postcard because he is having a birthday...

HSBC - the potential of difference

Stix and Stonz

Stix and Stonz imageI was browsing the Google store, when I found the Stix and Stonz game. I have such a game but I've never known its name.

Consisting of metal balls and strong magnets dressed up in colored plastics this game is in my top 20 ideas of how to waste my time.

By the way, the colors of mine are much prettier.

It's been a while...

A lot of things happened since my last post here.
# First of all, I graduated
# Second, I quit job, again
# Third, I'm starting a projects of my own
# Fourth, from now on I promise to blog more often
So, welcome back to all of you who read me from time to time!


Update: Did Blogger change? Something around it does not make me feel happy.
Update #2: A simple and not so obvious solution was found. I am happy again.


temporarily hibernated

i:de'o:gramas is temporarily hibernated

will be back after Nov. 27th

Bravia: the colors of the loom

Sony Bravia LCDSony dressed up in bouncing balls is the fashion line of the week.

The video directed by Nicolai Fuglsig entered my top 3 of the month.

Have a look.

This is Bunny.

After having a rabbit for a month, I couldn't resist this one:
(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your
(")_(") webpage to help him gain world domination.

Go to this is bunny to see more

The Ring

Good morning. Probably for you it is good, because you just had your best friend on the phone saying "good morning!". Probably it is not so good, because you just had your cell phone alarm waking you up ringing "it's 8 am, wake up!". Probably you hate it … until it stops. Good mornings no more.
- - - - - - - -

SonyEricsson T600I had my old tiny SonyEricsson T600 for the last three years. I liked it. It had a number of advantages such as:
+ size: 9 cm high (3.5 inches) and discrete
+ habits: I'm accustomed to its shortcut keys and ringing
+ usability: it has NO camera, mp3player or tin opener
+ good features: it has stored all my important telephone numbers
+ (last but not least) color: just perfect

It worked no matter of the numerous falls, sand, snow or wine-wax disasters that followed its living as part of my life.

Yesterday it suddenly stopped working again. This untimely retreat caused a number of inconveniences, but most of all, drive me to the decision to buy a new phone. I'll miss it.

Do you have a good simple phone to recommend?

Synergy at work

Move As OneMove as one is a kind of game created for Lexus IS250.

The website comes from Australia as well. The bottomline says that the site is optimized for a broadband internet connection and a 1.8GHz or higher computer, but don’t take it seriously, even my 4-yeard PC did it well.

Love me, love you

Have you Ever Been in Love?Behind the line (btl) say they are small advertising agency from Sydney. Between the speeches for integration, return, results and a few other cliches somehow they managed to create something. It is called and was created for their client See the story* of the two sweet old odds.

*Be prepared for bad screen resizing and security certificates.

Scent of cerezas

hemincese cherryI like the scent of cherries, though I don't like the taste of cherries. Maybe I'm a bit artificial, but when I was young I had too much cherries and all kind of continental fruits so nowadays none of these can provoke my appetite. However the Cherry Incense Sticks by Hem are another story full of nice emotions. I found them accidentally while I was passing near a street stall for Indian flavours and aromas. I week later I got a job offer for internship in Bangalore, India. Coincidence.

Origami furniture

The Cupful of Simplicity are seeking inspiration in the origami and as a result they produce nice clean and stylish furniture. Have a look.

Nick de la Mare

Nick de la Mare

Absolut Metropolis

Absolut / Metropolis
Underground Tokyo brought to you by Absolut. Weirdo.


I have a few reasons why I haven't posted here for the last two weeks.

One of them is that lately I travel a lot. It’s exhausting. When I finally get home, I'm too tired to write, think or post.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for another few days. I hope that when I get back, I'll have more time for my hobbies.


Nici ToysI bet you have noticed the Nici toys. They sell them on airports. Then you go back home and you put them the cuddle-magnetic toys on your fridge. When someone asks what is it, you tell a story about the three or so boring hours on the airport.

By the way, I like the bears.

Sequence and growth

Eyezmaze game/ Grow
No doubt, Eyezmaze makes great games. Grow series include RPG and Cube.
Choose the right sequence and watch it grow.

A, B, C, D, Vitamin

I got sick. My tonsils are huge and devilish red, last night I couldn’t sleep because they hurt awfully. I have temperature stuck to 38-° and I can hardly get up. I need a massage.

Now my diet includes Ospamox and Coldrex three times a day, Nimesil twice a day, 3 grams Vitamin C and some lemon-honey flavored Strepsils. (I sound like a real pharmacist, ain’t I?)

The only good thing of being sick is the moment when you start feeling better.

While I was browsing the net for some advices on sore-throat treatment, I found a sweet website dedicated to vitamin C. Visit Katy Finkler-Kemeny page to learn some curious facts.

Brought to you from Turkey

I have never met a Turkish sweet I didn’t like. Pishmanie and Sheker pare are just two of the things I tried this night at the Turkish restaurant.

The Pismanie has the idea of the candyfloss but is much better and has fine exotic taste.

The Sheker pare on the other hand is like biscuits drown in sugar syrup.

Wilkinson humming Quattro

Wilkinson QuattroFor the last few days I can’t stop humming the song from the website. It’s just like the most serious buzz in my mind for this week.

I don’t know who sings it, I can’t find the name of the song… so if you happen to know, drop me a line, I will highly appreciate your help :)

Sweet Dinner

Haribo Yogurt Creamy DreamsCasper Honey&Milk Ice Cream
Fruit gum and ice cream, I can’t live without them.

My menu this night included the Haribo’s Yogurt Creamy Dreams, full of tropical fruit taste and the Casper ice cream, amazingly sweet mixture of milk and honey.

What do you usually have for dinner?

From Russia with love

Cosmonaut by Oleg Kulik
On Sept. 16th the Guggenheim Museum opens its doors for all Russia and Russian art aficionados with a huge exhibition called "Russia!". Along with the traditional Russian icons and paintings from the Middle Ages, you can see some modern artists as well.

Read the NYTimes article for the story how the exhibition was organized and what is included in it.

The picture above represents one of Oleg Kulik’s artworks called Cosmonaut. With this one he took part in the Venice 2003 biennial and it will be displayed this September in Guggenheim.

Puerta America

Hotel Puerta America
Hotel Puerta America is the next place I want to visit. Each floor has unique interior. Read the designers' biographies and have a look inside the hotel. Then, feel free to book.


Vitakraft and Sanal
My brother is having a mini-rabbit. I spent part of my holidays with them. It is a female rabbit and my brother decided to name it/her Anarhia. I don't find this one a proper name for such a sweet rabbit so I call her Hihi.

Hihi is handful size, three months old, her fur is having the color of burned cork. She is fascinating and lovely. We let her jump around the room and she already managed to nibble the telephone cable. When she is tired, she jumps on the sofa and falls asleep near the pillows. You have never seen such a rabbit.

The first thing I did when I saw her was to make a shopping tour round the pet shops. I got a few honey crackers for rabbit teeth from Vitakraft and some special wild berry taste vitamins from Sanal. She loved them. If you have a rabbit I recommend you these.


I will spend the next five days travelling around. I hope that when I come back after the 8th of September, I will have something to share with this blog.

Take care,

Sherilla Lay

At the end of the day

This Friday was a nice disaster. I'll tell you my cocktail for days like this:
- 4 ice cubes
- 2 oz Captain Morgan
- 2 oz Pineapple juice
- 2 oz Orange juice
Stir. Serve.

Before this you should have visited the nearest shop and bought a package of cherry flavoured cigars, and have a remix of Gabrielle in your music player. When you’re ready with the cocktail just light one of the cherry cigars and enjoy the foggy September night outside the window.

Do you know who owns It's Captain Morgan.

Rediscovering the Rhodopes

Antonivanovtzi Dam and Vycha River
I spent the weekend travelling around the mountains. It was amazing. We went to the Rhodopes -- my favorite mountain of graceful hills and green slopes, rocky gorges and rivers full of trout. There is no other place like the Rhodopes.

I entered two caves – the Devil’s Throat and the Yagodina cave, I also ate honey made of pines, played with a few cows and drank oily milk.

We saw some truly awesome dams, one of them – Antonivanovci – is on the picture* above. Some people have built their houses in the waters of the very reservoir keeping them on the surface by attaching huge barrels under their floor. This resulted in the effect of tiny raft-homes floating around. One day, I will have one of these too.

* The picture was taken a few months ago by ivgin.

Spin. The Movie.

Spin the MovieSpin is a short movie telling the story of an angel sent to the earth with his DJ gear to correct a series of accidents. To do so, he uses his turntables as time machines – change the flow, change the speed and here come the new events of the City Square.

Spin was penned, shot, chopped & scired by Jamin Winans. Produced by Joe Sekiya. Director of Photography Jeff Pointer. Featuring Hayze II as the Angel.

If the name Jamin Winans sounds familiar to you, maybe that's becasue he's the director of the movie 11:59.

Talk to me, babe

The announcement of Google's instant messenger lately renewed the discussion of the invisible hand and the actual cost of the so-called freedom.

Yesterday New York Times published an article Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain putting in focus the similarities between the blue-eyed-boy Google and the time of the 80-90's when Microsoft was not as infamous as it is nowadays.

The truth is that me too am a little upset of the temps of development of the Google empire; however, I am using its services. When yesterday I saw the Flag on the Nav-bar of this blog, I was disappointed, but I swallowed it. This morning I even tried to install the Google Talk. It did not work because of my OS and I felt a sort of relief.

You use Google to search, advertise, blog, email, sms or something else and you like it.
Okay, I want to hear your top two reasons to like it. Talk to me.

One year ago...

one year older
One year ago I started this blog. I had no idea that I will keep it alive so long.

Where am I a year later? On the same page obviously; with the slight difference that my intentions and interests grew a little.

"Happy birthday, dear blog."


missing jigsaw puzzle pieceI’ve just finish an amazing Clementoni jigsaw puzzle made of cork – an old Roman map.

There is only one problem – one piece is missing.

I purchased the puzzle three weeks ago and it was quietly lying on the sofa waiting for my attention and me waiting for some free time. I don’t remember throwing anything from there while doing the house cleaning. However, the piece is missing and I'm afraid that this is not due to a fabric defect.


Go game
While listening to Moby’s Go, I am sitting right here in the middle on the room sorting the black and white pieces of my new game. The Chinese connection in my apartment grew bigger today with the purchase of Go. (How many pieces does the set usually have? I counted 138 from each color in mine and there are a few broken ones left.)

Chinese ches
The other game I have but have never played for real is the Chinese Chess. It is wooden and totally useless. What’s the point of having a game if no one of your friends wants to learn the rules?

However I have not given this up. My next purchase will be Mahjong. Actually it is one of my favourite games and I wonder why I still haven’t got a real one instead of spending so much time clicking in front of the monitor.

All this reminds me of Shan Sa's The Girl Who Played Go. I think I will spend the night reading extracts from it.

P.S. One additional question: Why all Chinese things I have are totally unbranded?

Me, myself and my Neopet

Kacheek and its petpet Mazzew
The emotional outburst with the Neopets reached its peak.

My best friend, who is now living in Philadelphia a week or so ago sent me a Neopet plushy – a Cloud Kacheek. Today I went to the post office to take the package and oh, amazing creatures, inside there was this Neopet toy and a petpet clip with Mazzew on it.

Usually I do not fall into the plush too much, and the cuddle toys do not put me out of control, however, as this is a very special present from a very special someone, I can’t helps myself tum-tuming Neopet, Cloud Kacheek Neopet.