Sweeney Todd 2007

On cinemas out since yesterday. Do not miss to make your xmas unforgettable with the latest Tim Burton's art piece....


Wishing you scary holidays!

Cheer Up

Lucky or not, I'm moving on to another business and today for the first night in the last weeks I'm at home alone. N. went to a birthday, P.'s at work and A. is abroad and yesterday he called and said "Hanover is fine, but tomorrow at 10 I'm back and maybe we can still go to this party."

I was something like yeek, I'm sick of corporate events. I need my old objetos de personalidad. The feeling is complex and so wonderful that I simply want to put some of it in a jar and keep it till the next time when I need a breath. I'm exhausted but I do not want to fall asleep because I know that when I wake up this home-alone feeling will be gone.

To celebrate my local very personal and completely unplanned victory over uncertainty I opened a Pear Cider. After refined red wine it tastes awful but I still like it.

Being Five

I don't remember how I found Being Five but surely is became one of my most-loving places. George Sfarnas is the author and the guy responsible for my recent addiction. There I find wonderful comics, like the one below.
It all started from his 5-y.o. son who inspired George to create the comics. If you want to peep into his world check is piece published on On-My-Desk - website where artist share their private work-space and personal insights with curious people like you and me.

Being Five is probably the work that made Sfarnas Internet-ionally famous, but yes, he exsisted long before the comics strip.

He was featured on Toon Talents and shared this (copy/paste because the site is down):

"Hello, my name is George Sfarnas. I am a cartoonist and animator from Northern Virginia, U.S.A. I began doodling at a young age and drew my first collection of comic strips when I was 12. My grades suffered that year but the comic strip was a success among classmates, so I was happy.

"I went on to study film making at The American University, but my true love was cartooning and animation. Inspired by the work of Will Vinton, I began producing clay animation. Through hard work and a couple of bank loans, I opened a small studio and produced some clay animated pieces for clients including: Prudential Realty, Indian River Select Juice, Cruise One, and The Children's Services Council.

"Now that I'm finished bragging, let me give you the other side of the story.... In the field of freelance animation, there is always an 'in between jobs' time. So, I worked the evenings as a movie projectionist. The long hours of solitude in the projection booth, with nothing but a pad and pencil, marked the beginning of Prune Juice. After developing the characters and drawing panels for several years, I have finally launched Prune Juice comics on its own web site. I have received some amazing e-mail from comic enthusiasts around the world telling me how the strip had made them laugh. Alas, a full circle from my classmates when I was 12."

- George.