I'm A Purple Tiger

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  • You are kind and generous to everyone around you.
  • You are rather optimistic, but may experience unsettlement by physical effect.
  • You are good at taking care of the others and can be friend with anybody.
  • Your relationship tends to be associating closely with small number of people, and that number increases eventually.
  • The way you express things may be too flashy and exaggerated.
  • You tend to have too self-conscious side.
  • But you are a hard working person who act and move in your own pace surely and consistently.
  • Your observation and ways of thinking is calm and objective.
  • You don't get influenced by emotions and atmosphere.
  • You are calculative enough to measure the distance between yourself and the other person.
  • You also possess your own ideal world, and trying to accomplish it too hastily may lead to misunderstandings.
  • Nevertheless, the way you pursue your potentiality gives a favorable impression to others.
  • Once married, you will show great motherly feelings.
  • You will create a living style that takes in account your personal interests


  1. hihi ... sure mosquitoes are the kind of thing that keep on coming ... did kill them all, though.

    Hey, thanks for the link. Now, I know that I'm a Blue Wolf : )

  2. [nich], thanks for passing by ;)
    I hope we’ll see each other around!