Animals on the Underground

Every day some of us travel kilometers underground. Why don't we use our imagination while staring at the map? So did Paul Middlewick some 15 years ago, using tube lines, stations and junctions he started spotting animals on the underground. Later many other creatures in different form, size or colors followed the Elephant.

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  1. gosh.. I stare at that map the whole way to work...(only if it's packed like clown-car).. I do like to stare at the beautiful faces as well....

  2. I have never used the public transport too much... I used to go to work by taxi; every morning I had a different taxi driver and little by little I found out that all taxi drivers in this city, yes, even the women are crazy... Travelling by taxi in the morning traffic jams or late at night can be as extreme as an urban bungee jump.

  3. I've been trying to make little animals out of the train routes but I can't come up with any! I did find a trident that was missing a prong though.