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Google Now Crawling Flash Code

Google has indexed Flash files for several months, despite the persistent “don’t use Flash” mantra of search optimizers. Indeed, Flash might be a poor idea for numerous reasons. But now it appears that Google’s spider is able to see into Flash code more effectively than before, and rank Flash elements in the index rather than merely refer to them.

BByte wrote:
tyrsi "бг кабел" :)

File Format: Shockwave Flash

MoreGoogle: Extended Google Features

MoreGoogle: Extended Google Features
Who are they and how do they do it?
I don't know who to ask about how it functions and I'm afraid that it can harm my computer anyway.

I don't like this:
MoreGoogle is not Google. MoreGoogle is more Google :-) It's a tiny piece of software that aims to extend your Google experience.
Google Inc. has nothing to do with MoreGoogle; they probably don't even know this site exists.


I was checking the Urchin stats a few hours ago and I found out that despite the emptiness of the website where I have placed these few pages, someone has managed to reach them anyway. I had visitors from Malaysia and Singapore which made me really curious what’s going on with this network. I moved the music to another place some time ago, so I’m still looking for the results. I submitted it to a few SE (about 10-15), but I know that the content is nothing special, the design is missing and actually I don’t believe that I’m good with this html thing to have any hopes that it will be crawled, listed and popular. - e-newspaper with news and comments about Nessebar region

Nessebur: the place where I used to hang around when I was about 20 and working for these local travel agencies

Teeters's Thoughtpad

I've just came up to this blog (Teeters's Thoughtpad).
Somehow I liked his thoughts and some of the places on the net this guy have been to.

Learn Chinese in a weekend?

When you can't think what else to say... -- Ting -- Chinese - English Language

But do you have a weekend free to listen to me, eh?

Good night?

Finally the things which impress me will become public instead of trying to spread them out via my limited ICQ-list.

command of hackers is going to attack

The most hilarious email I’ve ever had:

-----Original Message-----
From: der mart []
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 3:11 PM
To: [ Enclosed recipients ]
Subject: I have important information specially for you.

Hello !
I have the authentic data: the known command of hackers is going to attack your sites and your services with the purpose to receive your confidential information.
I offer you the information on methods, ways and terms of attack.
For the information I ask a little, in comparison with possible your losses, only 1000 dollars on the account in system E-GOLD 1506612 or in any Internet-bank, about remittance we can in writing will agree as you it will be convenient.
I strongly recommend to transfer money and to receive from me the information within this week.
You to me of money - I to you the information.
Hurry up time remained very little !
With the best regards.
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