This extraordinary vase changes color with small variations in room temperature, thanks to specially formulated, temperature sensitive ink. Designed by Jason Miller.
11" x 4.5" diameter.

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  1. Hello *Sherilla* :)

    Thank you very much for ur message on my blog :) It's always a pleasure to hear from you :) Hope all's well!

    Here too, was very busy all week last week, and strangely enough, my weekends seem to be busiest :P :b :P This is the time I meet my friends, & I like to give them all my time & energy, whether for fun or for helping them with their stuff... A friend recently bought a house, so we're busy renovating it in our free time :)

    Otherwise I'm doing ok :) Just having been blogging much lately :P

    Thank you for sending me that link, (I always enjoy ur links, they r so tasteful!) but I dunno why this time, I haven't been able to open it - would it be possible for u to resend it to me? (if u have time...)

    Have a great week, talk to ya soon :)

  2. Instead of a vase, do they come in drinking glass sizes?

  3. lölinå, wow, new house always means quite a lot of work but then there no other feeling like the one that you get when you enter your own home. I hope that you made it a nice place for living ;-) showing professional skills in painting, nailing down or cleaning!
    as for the song: I used this link downloading, uploading it and downloading it again, just in case that the file might be corrupt. everything works fine with me. weird. well here is the link again.)

    Fingers of Fury, unfortunately they don’t but this gives me motivation to search in me free time for similar mugs or glasses changing their color...

  4. Hey there, just saw your comment on me blog....thanks...altough i don't think i get it...??

  5. Hello *Sherilla* :)

    THANK YOU for the messages on my/ur blogs and for resending the link :) The song's so coooooool! I left u a message on my blog, telling about my impressions of the music :)

    Yeah, about the house, it's A LOT of work, & we all got so dirty with paint which is very hard to remove, despite using all kinds of products :) After "working" on the house, we went out for dinner smelling like painters & chemists :) But it's a lot of fun too :)

    ok, ttyl & cya soon :) thanks again :)

  6. Calleja :: it’s a little bit confusing but neither I can say what; I suppose it was some king of naranja enthusiasm…)

    lölinå :: something in your story reminds me of Tomas Sawyer and the part where all his friends were asking him to paint the fence :)

    I’m happy that you liked the song! Soon I’ll have their latest video and I’ll give you a link to it.