Es QuE HaY NaDa

Dear valuable user,
I bet that many times you have asked yourself what does this or that file on you computer do. You might have suspicions on how certain files work but for the first time in IT-history You have the cance to download and install a file that has clearly defined its function and purpose to be on you hard-drive.

NaDa does nothing.

Even more, NaDa is a 1 byte file that really does nothing.
Follow this link to learn more.

1. Download it.
2. Leave it anywhere on your hard drive.
3. Forget it.
(You don't have to restart your computer. You can even put NaDa™ in the trash.)


  1. Thanks for confusing me with this - the last few minutes have been blissfully confusing. I love your observations, etc. very much by the way and will visit again soon. oh and thanks for the encouragement.

  2. "Nada" means "nothing" in Portuguese. Or Spanish.

  3. yep, in spanish it means "nothing"... it's quite a good name for something that doesn't do anything ;-)