That's Zographic

Have you already heard or watched Super Size Me the movie? If you do, probably you have wondered who made the animation of this movie. Well, here is the answer:

Zographic is a Bulgarian production house specialized in the fields of TV commercials, classic and 3D animation, special effects and multimedia for television and film. Some of their projects include the kinky monsters from the Fanta Madness advertisement, MTV’s “I bet you Will” and a lot of clients from social campaigns to beer producers.

Feel free to browse their news section to read about their latest awards and their participation at the Sundance Film Festival 2004.


  1. Do you know how insanely difficult it is to focus on what you're saying when there's a yellow monster shaking himself frantically right there?!

  2. indeed;
    do you start rollin’-rollin’ when you watch it for two or three seconds?

  3. No, but I do start to want to shake my tail from side to side.