Okay; I did it.

After more than 18 months working in this company I took the decision to move to another industry. No more gambling online.

It’s funny how after all the time making researches and promotions for the gamblers I still don’t know how to play BlackJack or the poker games. No more writing newsletters, promo texts, interactive promo games, flashy banners, chips, gold, tracking stats, counters, calculations, affiliates, real/fun players, etc., etc.

I’ll miss my colleagues.

The one month notice has been given. The countdown started yesterday.

Lets hope that the company I’m going to is really as good as people around me are rumoring, that I’ll manage to handle my new tasks in professional way and I’ll be in a team where I’ll have fun along with doing my job...


  1. I'm sure you'll do fine!

    Good luck!

  2. Whoa, way to go girl!

    Not many people like that around me, none ever really made up their mind about finding a better way for living. Don't care about whether they do know what actually they're doing at current time or not, as long as it pays at the end of the month.

    Hey, whatever will be .. will be. Don't take it hard if you found out that the place that you're going to go is not like what you are thinking would be. Just go for it!

  3. Hello *Sherilla* :)
    Wow! That's good news indeed! Thanks for sharing the news with us, and I just wanna wish you the BEST OF LUCK & lotsa good times, and crossing fingers for you :) I'm sure you'll impress them in ur new position :) Yeah!!

    ps left u some messages on ur blog & on mine too ;)

  4. Hey, thanks you for being around and giving me positive mood about this change...
    Yes, hopefully this change would go for good. )

  5. Sherilla Lay,

    Don't fret. Even if this change isn't for the best, you still have your life and friends, including those across the Atlantic Ocean. However, I am confident that you will do well in your new position. May the Lord bless you and lead you through this new opportunity.