D&AD Student Awards 2005

In the beginning of October the D&AD opened the call for entries for the D&AD Student Awards 2005. Don't miss it, this could be your chance to stand out from the crowd.

The selection of disciplines includes ambient media, direct mail, poster advertising, graphic design, product design, website design and environmental design. Some of the new briefs set by D&AD are brands such as TopShop, Ariel, Greenpeace and Heinz. The complete list is available to download online.

For updated information, check Dandad.org.


  1. Hello *Sherilla* :) Pleased to see all those nice updates on ur blog today! I think you stand a chance to win a good grade/award if you participate in the D&Ad! You seem to be very good at media art :)

    I see u've tried cannabis beer :) lol! glad it didn't have any bad effect on u :) :) :) :) :) Have a good weekend ahead :)

  2. lölinå, you should try this beer too, it even doesn't taste like beer to me, weird, nor cannabis :)

  3. Hello *Sherilla* :) yeah, I'm feeling sooooooooo tired today that I'll probably need a whole case of Cannabia :P :b :P I wanna say thanks for all the lovely messages on my blog :) :) :) :) :)

    Enjoy your trips ;) & have a great week ahead:

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    Hold on to hope, let go everything
    The altitude of freedom seems to go to my head...
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