Office Space Part 2

No, of course there is not enough red, yellow or green in the office, but little by little one learns to find the colors around. And yes, you’re thinking right, my office looks like an aquarium: too many glass walls and rare weird greenery. But the fascinating things are all around; it’s up to point of view how and when you’re going to spot them.

the office haiku:
Faceless, just numbered.
Lone pixel in the bitmap-
I, anonymous.
The pictures from the office taken again thanks to my colleague’s Siemens SX1. Resized and balanced with Adobe Photoshop.


  1. You do haiku? Never thought about it, before.

    Talking about office, I'll try to borrow my supervisor Siemens M65 and do just the same thing. We'll see if my office is as much colors as yours ... I'm in a server room, looking around for colors right now.

    the air is moving
    Grey surrounds me

  2. [nich]:: your haiku is beautiful
    I’d love to see your server room, there are so many colorful things in the computers architecture. I bet you’ll notice them!
    there is a BIG fan on our office server; what’s on yours? :)

  3. Thank you, I take that as a compliment.

    Today is my first day in the office after attending my graduation back in my campus. Nothing has changed in my desk but if I pay more attention to my supervisor's desk, yeah there are colors around it. That Linux Penguin Mascot, well it may be not as 'living' as yours ... I mean the flowers and things that we don't have here. I sit right under this big AirCon that blows chill air towards the machines that stand motionlessly next to me.

  4. You can read more haiku on Enjoy!