The 5th Avocado

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  1. Hey! Cat's are the best pet for a person who is rarely home! They can take care of themselves. A dog needs attention and love, a cat would be content with just being able to sleep next to you at night. My apartment is equiped with an auto-feeder and an auto-waterer, so I check and update the supplies about once a week. Easy! I can disappear for a couple of days and the cats would be fine with out me. I do shovel the litter box every day though - that's probably about the worst aspect of a 'cat', but at least you don't have to walk it all the time..phew..

    Also - about images.. I'd love to post them, but I can't do it directly through blogger. I understand that I can use an outside program - but installing foreign software on the company computer is frowned upon. I've been lazy lately, but I do want to get a I can have a 'real' blog..and post goodies like that stuff...I have a whole folder of cat pics...they're quite photogenic creatures.

  2. well… I suppose this means no cats pictures in the near future, right?
    that’s a pity, I’d love to see your feline

    I’m trying to convince my boss for some time that having an animal at the office will make us all more relaxed and happy and more close to the company (especially if we add the Whiskas-lunch in the company values) but he always is having some “animals stinks” ready to be used against my arguments.