Gravity Co. is a Bulgarian band.

They work together since 2000 and their first album called U went out in December 2002. Since then Gravity Co. released 3 videos: Away (2002), Mr NoOne (2003) and Wings (2004). My personally favourite is the second one. Follow the images above to watch the videos in low-resolution (approx. 7 Mb each).

The videos were taken from their official website The website is in Bulgarian and English and gives info about the band, bios, photos, lyrics and album preview.

# This posting was especially created for lölinå; nevertheless All other visitors are kindly welcome to watch the videos and share opinions; enjoy.


  1. Hello *Sherilla* :)

    What a wonderful surprise to see a post on ur blog about Gravity Co dedicated to me! :) :) :) :) :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Sherilla! I am very pleased & honored! Oh yeah! And what a great job u've done with the post on the band, the videos, pictures, links, etc :) So informative, and artistic too! I love the band, I've heard about them thru you for the first time, and now I'm a big fan :) Thank you again!

    I'm sorry I'm only replying to u today (Sat Oct 16) - I saw u posted the info on Oct 12 but I was away for the whole week & wasn't online all the while - I only came back today, all exhausted but happy :) My friends & I took the week off & went to the beach in Florida, needless to say I got all sunburnt :P :b :P

    Tom Sawyer left his puppy with me over last weekend, while he was away in Tennessee. We took him back last Sunday, then we painted some more of Naughty Boy's home, then we left for FL on the following Monday :) We had planned to leave last Saturday, but coz of the puppy, we decided to wait 2 more days. Overall it was super-fun, puppy, beach, sun, etc :)

    I've read thru Gravity Co.'s site (my other reader left the link) over last weekend & I am indeed very impressed with them. I will visit their site from time to time for new info, if any :)

    Ok, lemme say bye for now, I need to unpack, & vacuum off the sand, & perhaps get some rest :) :) We'll talk again soon, & have a great weekend & week ahead :)

  2. lölinå, it’s great that you have had wonderful time being on vacation!

    As soon as I got something new on the band, I’ll post you link on your blog :)

  3. Oh thank you *Sherilla*! I'm so glad that u introduced me to ur movies, music, websites, thoughts, and many more! I enjoy learning about everything new to my eyes, ears, tastes :)

    ohhhhhhh, I forgot to mention that now I have 3 tones of skin: 1. the usual everyday kind, 2. a lovely tanned kind, and 3. a burnt & sore kind :( :P :b :P :D