Vitakraft and Sanal
My brother is having a mini-rabbit. I spent part of my holidays with them. It is a female rabbit and my brother decided to name it/her Anarhia. I don't find this one a proper name for such a sweet rabbit so I call her Hihi.

Hihi is handful size, three months old, her fur is having the color of burned cork. She is fascinating and lovely. We let her jump around the room and she already managed to nibble the telephone cable. When she is tired, she jumps on the sofa and falls asleep near the pillows. You have never seen such a rabbit.

The first thing I did when I saw her was to make a shopping tour round the pet shops. I got a few honey crackers for rabbit teeth from Vitakraft and some special wild berry taste vitamins from Sanal. She loved them. If you have a rabbit I recommend you these.


  1. what's with bunnies, they're so small and cute. mammalian instinct, perhaps.??

  2. the rabbit is really cute. she is a handful size of tenderness and calm love; i haven't seen her for 3 weeks now and i miss her so much. i wish i could visit my parents and my brother this october again and play with her...