The Ring

Good morning. Probably for you it is good, because you just had your best friend on the phone saying "good morning!". Probably it is not so good, because you just had your cell phone alarm waking you up ringing "it's 8 am, wake up!". Probably you hate it … until it stops. Good mornings no more.
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SonyEricsson T600I had my old tiny SonyEricsson T600 for the last three years. I liked it. It had a number of advantages such as:
+ size: 9 cm high (3.5 inches) and discrete
+ habits: I'm accustomed to its shortcut keys and ringing
+ usability: it has NO camera, mp3player or tin opener
+ good features: it has stored all my important telephone numbers
+ (last but not least) color: just perfect

It worked no matter of the numerous falls, sand, snow or wine-wax disasters that followed its living as part of my life.

Yesterday it suddenly stopped working again. This untimely retreat caused a number of inconveniences, but most of all, drive me to the decision to buy a new phone. I'll miss it.

Do you have a good simple phone to recommend?


  1. I envy you for your chance of untimely retreat. And I also miss my old phone. I have a K700i to replace it.

    It's been a while isn't it. I kind of 'had-enough' with my blog.

  2. Hmmm, I noticed that you're no longer on Carry On but I thought that you just relocated somewhere.

    Yep, a Nokia full of hatred replaced my precious T600. I still experience problems using it, i was so accustomed to my old phone.

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