Go game
While listening to Moby’s Go, I am sitting right here in the middle on the room sorting the black and white pieces of my new game. The Chinese connection in my apartment grew bigger today with the purchase of Go. (How many pieces does the set usually have? I counted 138 from each color in mine and there are a few broken ones left.)

Chinese ches
The other game I have but have never played for real is the Chinese Chess. It is wooden and totally useless. What’s the point of having a game if no one of your friends wants to learn the rules?

However I have not given this up. My next purchase will be Mahjong. Actually it is one of my favourite games and I wonder why I still haven’t got a real one instead of spending so much time clicking in front of the monitor.

All this reminds me of Shan Sa's The Girl Who Played Go. I think I will spend the night reading extracts from it.

P.S. One additional question: Why all Chinese things I have are totally unbranded?


  1. You have been visited by the Army Of The Twelve Gritos.
    We beg you NOT to visit the site of the secret conspiracy: http://www.armyofthe12gritos.com

  2. Unbranded Chinese things always rock.

  3. I love Mahjong as well. I've heard of "go", but it sounds like it has a bit of a learning curve.

  4. the more i read this blog, the more i see we have in common! i learned how to play chinese chess last year, and got a magnetic set over the summer that doesn't have the daunting chinese characters but little figures instead. the game is called xiang qi in chinese, and you can learn the rules (it's like the distant cousin of western chess) at http://www.clubxiangqi.com/?F=rules

  5. When speaking of games, sometimes I feel like a lonely islander. Imagine a situation:

    me and a random boyfriend sitting on the floor at home drinking wine and chatting.
    me: Do you mind a game of Go (Jenga / Tangram / Mikado / etc.)?
    he: Yes. Can’t we just hug and love?
    me: NO.

  6. intellectual gals are a bit more difficult to please... i play these games, but somehow, i never seem to be able to fully comply with the rules... cant shake off my bimbo traits, i suppose... hahaha...