Rediscovering the Rhodopes

Antonivanovtzi Dam and Vycha River
I spent the weekend travelling around the mountains. It was amazing. We went to the Rhodopes -- my favorite mountain of graceful hills and green slopes, rocky gorges and rivers full of trout. There is no other place like the Rhodopes.

I entered two caves – the Devil’s Throat and the Yagodina cave, I also ate honey made of pines, played with a few cows and drank oily milk.

We saw some truly awesome dams, one of them – Antonivanovci – is on the picture* above. Some people have built their houses in the waters of the very reservoir keeping them on the surface by attaching huge barrels under their floor. This resulted in the effect of tiny raft-homes floating around. One day, I will have one of these too.

* The picture was taken a few months ago by ivgin.


  1. thx you "Sherilla". I`m chilean guy, i live in bulgaria year ago. With your`s blog i cant see a short view of my dear Bulgaria.

  2. PVS, yes, here are some magical places like the one on the picture. I am glad you loved this country. :)