Talk to me, babe

The announcement of Google's instant messenger lately renewed the discussion of the invisible hand and the actual cost of the so-called freedom.

Yesterday New York Times published an article Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain putting in focus the similarities between the blue-eyed-boy Google and the time of the 80-90's when Microsoft was not as infamous as it is nowadays.

The truth is that me too am a little upset of the temps of development of the Google empire; however, I am using its services. When yesterday I saw the Flag on the Nav-bar of this blog, I was disappointed, but I swallowed it. This morning I even tried to install the Google Talk. It did not work because of my OS and I felt a sort of relief.

You use Google to search, advertise, blog, email, sms or something else and you like it.
Okay, I want to hear your top two reasons to like it. Talk to me.


  1. Google rhymes with Poogle.

    Lol, I read your Neopets posts.

  2. I like Google because:

    1. It's simple, no nonsense. At least it used to be anyway.

    2. Because they saved Blogger from going bust.

  3. I like watching ballons fill up and pop.

    Microsquish has stopped inflating and is now deflating slowly under the weight of open source; that is not much fun.

    Maybe google will blow up with a bang.

  4. 1. it's simple no fancy but works!

    2. it's developed some nice applications... i liked google earth thorughly!