Scent of cerezas

hemincese cherryI like the scent of cherries, though I don't like the taste of cherries. Maybe I'm a bit artificial, but when I was young I had too much cherries and all kind of continental fruits so nowadays none of these can provoke my appetite. However the Cherry Incense Sticks by Hem are another story full of nice emotions. I found them accidentally while I was passing near a street stall for Indian flavours and aromas. I week later I got a job offer for internship in Bangalore, India. Coincidence.


  1. Nice blog... I also prefer Cherry Incense stick in my home. The scent of incense sticks can uplift our mood and infuse in us a positive vibe. Since ancient times incense sticks have remained a powerful tool in meditation, worship, and other ritual practices.

  2. Very nice..The scent of cherry makes my day..I use 2 to 3 incense sticks everyday..They keep away the negative vibes around me..