It's been a while...

A lot of things happened since my last post here.
# First of all, I graduated
# Second, I quit job, again
# Third, I'm starting a projects of my own
# Fourth, from now on I promise to blog more often
So, welcome back to all of you who read me from time to time!


Update: Did Blogger change? Something around it does not make me feel happy.
Update #2: A simple and not so obvious solution was found. I am happy again.


  1. oh, welcome back!
    congrats for graduating!
    no job = can start own projects = GREAT!
    and yippee! on more blogs!

  2. welcome back, M!

    you membership card is where you left it last time - same place, different (better) you.

    nice to see you kickin' again and don't you think to quit ... again ... will kick you little butt from sofia to PA and back.

    GRATZ for the graduation! :*********

    now the next level pls - the MBA!

    cya around GYZ!

    p.s. hehe ne ochakvashe da ti pisha tuk, daje i registration si napravih specialno zaradi teb. :p

  3. Thank you
    to all of you!

  4. Congrats on graduating, are you scared at all?

    Hope your own work will be successful.