I, disorganized and noisy today; and I couldn’t put down a single report, headline or whatever you can think of. Should I explain what I was doing? I can’t; it was more than words doltish action.

Do you live in a world where black-outs appear from time to time? I do.

The darkness intruded the peak of my elation and total lack of control while playing with my colleague’s webcam. It calmed me down; but just a few seconds before that I was making somersaults... Now, could you be you curious for more pictures from the circus?..


  1. Thanks for your comments... I've seen your blog and it's like in 4 different languages! What is your first language?

  2. thanks for hanging around Art Star;

    It’s Bulgarian but the confusing thing is that I have never thought of how many or which languages I use when I have something that I want to say… it’s an unconscious process.

  3. It's refreshing. You must have a thing with languages...

  4. Hello *Sherilla* :) Beautiful pics of u :))) I like the way u juxtaposed the different poses next to each other, makes 'em look like a movie strip :D My lollipop blog is up & running again (hehe :D) I did a rush job just for Sherilla, 'coz I promised to show u some Halloween pics asap :) - I changed a few pics from Florida too. (while u were away, I discontinued lollipop)

    eeeeeeek! 'bout Gribo, ouch! that hurts! :D castration usually makes pets sweeter, less aggressive, less hormonal :P (see what I mean...) Tom Sawyer's puppy had this op done, & he's ... hmm, uh, well, I still love him so much as always :) although I would have preferred to have let nature do its work :P My neighbor also had his 2 male cats "fixed" as they call it :P

    Send my love to Gribo :)

  5. Art Star, nada que ver con los idiomas; nunca he disfrutado estudiandolos sino siempre ha sido necesario. Con cada idioma uno alcanza otra cultura y en mi caso a veces siento que probablemente he perdido mi propia. Pues, depende. Gracias por comentar y sigue escribiendo tus historas; ¡me gustan!

  6. lölinå, as I said in one of the comments on the blog, I have curious pumpkins over there :) and your cakes look wonderful! you give me a good motivation to stop hanging around bars and restaurants and cook something at home :)

    Gribo is a lonely cat, I see, everyone is for taking off his balls :)
    I know that there are some advantages to be castrated, but the overall impression of all castrated cats I’ve seen is that they’re no longer cats but turn into a fluffy part of the furniture better have a teddy bear instead, at least it’s not pissing and eating so no need to bother to clean and feed it... Of course, that’s a personal opinion and no one wants to listen ;;))

  7. Ok, hazme publicidad, snif