and the Sun exploded again

Today a colleague told me that there were some heavy geomagnetic activities lately due to which people feel messy and are likely to take some neurotic actions or suffer outbursts of sick creativity or apathy (I’d add lack of concentration as well). Her sayings made me feel bound to read something more on this which led me to Have you been around there lately? Their public vision left me with the weak impression that this is the official website of the deJaneiro’s Carnival rather than Nasa.

Back to the problem with the creativity and motivation, after visiting I made my mind and I know that as soon as I finish my studies, I’ll get my back-pack and I’d move to north. Sounds fair to live there for one or two years. The idea of changing my rhythm of life fascinates me.

Learn about the latest sun-storm here or say that you don’t give a fcuk about it and order another beer for the Hitchhiker.

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