Aya Kato

Aya Kato is a 22 years old Japanese studying at the Aichi University of Education.

Please, take time to check the illustration section...

... then keeping in mind what you have seen tell me don't you want to know what's into Aya's diary?

Go to the diary section only if you know Japanese otherwise you'd die with curiosity just like me...


  1. Hey, I've been wondering.
    You must be having so many spare time to browse all of those things.

    I love those illustrations, do you know if it was drawn by Kato (him/her)self? The drawings are quite different with those ancient drawings that I used to see in some old manuscript or on a Japanesse tea cups. Sure it give me some emotional touch. I'm going to find more about Kato.

    I do have some interest in Japanesse, don't know if yours even greater than mine, though.

  2. Well, it seems that they were drawn by Kato; in fact I'm no so fanatic about Japan, though no doubt that I admire the culture and the things the Japanese do; as for the visual, this website turned into one of my favourite ones. I happy you liked it too!