I can’t do much things on a gloomy Sunday (where the hell they see the sun on Sundays?)

So I went wasting money to the mall.

One of the things I took was a Denito zucchini with yogurt combination. My favourite. I can have zucchini almost 24/7.
Then I had a box (yep, the whole box full of 7 calorie bombs) of Lady’s caprice; and I topped all these with a bottle of Pepsi Spice.


  1. Hello *Sherilla* :))))

    it's been gloomy around here too :( dark, cold, brrrr... that dish look yummy! I bought some green & yellow zucchini for Thanksgving too! haven't cooked em yet :)

    how r u :) r ur exams over... well good luck at ur new job! wish you all the best :)

    my blogs are temporarily closed 'coz I don't have time to maintain them, but u can still visit the old posts if u want :P hee hee!

    kaleidoscope lollipop take care :)

  2. I’m nervous lately, but my new desk is running fine so far and I hope I’ll get better in my new job and with my new position.

    All that reflects to the dieting and I’m eager to wake up one morning and discover that the first non-caloric chocolate has been invented ;)

    Thanks for passing by :)